Missing Wimbledon This Year

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Bobbisox1 | 15:53 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | Sport
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I love watching it , it’s part of our summer, I know the “ best of” is on today but it’s not the same


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I'm crying my heart out here ;-) It would've been delayed anyway due to the rain.
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Is it raining down there Arkie?
Don't worry. There's some proper summer sport (rather than all that ridiculous bashing a ball backwards and forwards over a net) being played next week, with the start of the first Test Match between England and the West Indies ;-)
is it on terrestrial tv?
well, you know what I mean!
>>> Is it raining down there

It's not raining in London, Bobbi. The man with the clouds still doesn't like your part of the country though ;-)
Slashing it down in my part of West Yorkshire. Shhh. don't let on but for me I love it been a lot cooler. Unsure aboot darn sarf though
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Chris I can’t stand Cricket, years ago we were invited into a corporate box at Headingly ( Mr B likes his cricket ) we had to dress for the occasion and were served little pastries and coffees before a free bar, it was the most boring of days for me haha
>>> is it on terrestrial tv?

If that question was directed to Bobbi (about the tennis), then 'Yes'. Details here:

If it was directed to me (about the cricket), then alas 'No':
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Not raining here , very blustery though
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Sorry bednobs, didn’t see you post , cheers a Christmas
yes, I meant the cricket :(
Buenchico, BBC TV are doing a highlights package at 7pm fronted by the excellent Isa Guha, and their website will have clips of big moments as they happen, which will be basically their first cricket coverage since Bradman retired.
a typically PC BBC best of it was too
Ilike watching Wimbledon too. I shall miss it.
I like, even duh!
i miss it too, but hey it will be on next year...
I hope so!

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Missing Wimbledon This Year

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