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saintpeter48 | 10:50 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | Sport
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I am watching the England v Australia match and don't understand the decision in the recent review, the LBW appeal was given 'not out' by the umpire, England reviewed it, the replay showed that it was in iline, hitting the stumps but was called not out, why is this, can someone please explain. thanks


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Umpire, I believe has the final say. It's happening a lot lately.
Because there is a leeway with the LBW stump thing.

I think it's half a ball?
In borderline LBW decisions, if the umpire originally says out then the player is out, but if the umpire originally says not out then the player is not out.
I think spath means that with close close calls (eg where hawkeye feels the ball would have clipped the bails, it's the umpire's 'not out' decision that counts
Correct FF
From TCL's link:

"UMPIRES CALL is a way of saying decision made by the on field umpire should stand

The rules of the referral system say that there needs to be a clear mistake by the on-field umpire to reverse the decision. "Umpires Call" is a way of saying that there isn't a CLEAR mistake, and therefore the decision should stand.

What’s right or wrong?

High tolerance given to umpires: As inferred from the rules above, the tolerance given to the on-field umpire is equivalent to the extent of an additional half of the cricket ball on either side of the outer stumps, when it comes to the ball impacting and hitting the wickets within the demarcated zone."
I tried to copy and paste from the link but I wasn't given the option.
Very simple , The Umpires descision is FINAL !! (even if it is wrong !) Otherwise there would be unending arguments about contraversial descisions !
If the Umpire's decision were final, there would be no need for DRS!
The ball pitched outside the line in this instance.

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