Are You A Champion Or A Wimp?

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vetuste_ennemi | 07:38 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | Sport
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An interview with Jessica Ennis (a previous VE favourite).

Jessica has morphed into pathetic victim claiming that pregnant athletes need "more support".

By whom? And why?

Further in the interview: would/could/should you compete against "Caitlyn" Jenne in a "women's" event, Jessica? Poor Jessica was unable to say no to this nonsense. How sad.


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I'm sure there's a sling or something available.
In view of her status, all the adverts she does and her hubby is a construction site manager they probably arent short of a few bob so i`m sure they could afford a nanny.
A whimp.
I haven’t seen or read the interview, but I guess she’s talking about athletes who want to start a family but are worried about losing sponsorship deals and bonuses while they are not competing.
It’s tough on the women but sponsors aren’t there to be nice, they’re paying to promote their brand. Awful, but true.
It's a fairly indisputable fact that only women can bear children. Tough old life, but there it is. There is no absolute necessity for any woman to have to excel at a sport and receive wheelbarrows full of money from a sponsor. Similarly there is no absolute necessity for them to bear children. So they choose what they want to do and do it. Why they should expect anybody to be generous enough to make accommodations for them to do both is a bit of a mystery.
Perhaps because if you force women to choose between having a family and having a career then you are also negatively impacting the available workforce. I appreciate that sport is not the most urgent example, but there's a principle at stake here.
Says Jim, who wants transmen to make all sportswomen redundant.
Transpeople have a right to compete in sport. How they do that is a difficult question. But your rather pathetic misrepresentation -- again! -- of my position doesn't provide an answer.

Difficult question? I thought you advocated for the simple solution. They have a right to compete against real women.

What is a Whimp? is it anything like a Wimp?
NJ, you are right in that there is no "necessity" for women to have children... but it so biologically programmed (imagine telling men they don't need sex) that it really isn't such a straightforward choice as you are making out.
I don't know what the answer is, though.
Jim, the obvious answer would be to have an "Open" category and a "Women's" one.
Isn't that sexist ?
Why? A lot of things are legitimately sexist.
".... it really isn't such a straightforward choice as you are making out."

It is. If a woman's biological programming is so intense she has to have a baby then she must expect to make some sacrifices in other aspects of her life. She can still have sex (so the comparison with a man not being able to have sex is not valid) but if she wants to follow some careers she will have to think about whether she should become pregnant. As I said, tough old life but there it is.
I knew you would deliberately misunderstand that, nj! It is valid, because I was referring to biological programming and not sex itself. There is no other equivalent to give as an example.

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Are You A Champion Or A Wimp?

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