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Woohoo. Ireland

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anneasquith | 21:43 Wed 22nd Jun 2016 | Sport
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Great goal.


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It sure was!
Wonderful to see!
Woohoo indeed!....I am in a lodge in the wilds....all alone with no TV and radio...but the chap down the hill has a huge telly....big windows and I have binoculars......... :-)
Question Author
Stalker :-)
Strange strange times. Wales v N Ireland. France v Ireland. (Scratches head in bemusement).
I know, Anne....felt a bit guilty and odd in the bushes in my camo gear....but heyho......will be on the boat for the next one....that'll be easier...x
Yep well done ROI.

All good matches today, Hungary Portugal was end to end.

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Woohoo. Ireland

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