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R B S 6 Nations Rugby: Round 2

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ChillDoubt | 20:07 Fri 07th Feb 2014 | Sport
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OK peeps, after a topsy-turvy weekend to start we move onto round 2 of the 6 Nations matches.
It's Calcutta Cup weekend too, though that game is overhadowed somewhat by what will be a bruiser and possible Champions decider at Lansdowne Road.
In recent years there's been no love lost in the Wales v Ireland fixture, with several controversial incidents.
Add to that the spice over BOD's Lions Test omission, along with the IRU being one of Gatland's former employers and you have the added bit of needle.

My heart says Wales, though I've more than a little trepidation at Prietland getting the 10 jersey again and with Ireland being at home I'm fearful, particularly as the talismanic Paul O'Connell is back in the side, they always play better when he takes the field.

Moving on to Scotland, they've made a couple of changes and are without the desperately unlucky Sean Maitland, one of their better players. Surprised that Kelly Brown is dropped, particularly when in the role of captain! Form obviously says England, though Murrayfield has been a proverbial banana skin for them throughout the years and as ever, the Scots will make it difficult for them but I expect England to grind it out before cutting loose in the last 20 minutes.

France have a home fixture for the second weekend in a row and whilst Italy were more than a match for Wales for the majority of the game last weekend I feel they'll struggle at the Stade de France against a resurgent and rampant France, no doubt bouyed after the nail-biter against the Rosbif's.


Ireland 17 Wales 20
Scotland 13 England 25
France 28 Italy 13

Over to you, DTC and Sqad.


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much as I like Wales, I think they're going to have to sharpen up quite a bit from last week; they looked dogged but not much more. Still, it might happen.

I'd be very surprised if England or France lost.
Gawn ni weld?
Chilli .....not easy,,,give me another couple of hours for deep cogitation.
England should beat Scotland even in the mud.
Wales...a big disappointment and Ireland will be "fired up."
France on a high....probably contenders for the Grand Slam.....

Ireland 27 Wales 20
Scotland 16 England 16
France 28 Italy 10
Where is DT 's predictions?
worst fears realised there, Wales barely turned up.
Ahem. Wales weren't allowed to turn up.
Jake Bell for Wales beats Gordon D'arcy for Ireland for the most luxuriant beard - Warren, take a bow.
England doing well... wheels stay on this time.
Ireland / Iwerddon v's Wales / Cymru :
26 - 3

No doubt about it, the best team won.
It was one-sided with Ireland much, much better on the day.

Mae'r tîm gwell wedi ennill, does dim amheuaeth amdani. Roedd yn un ochrwydd, gydag Iwerddon yn llawer, llawer gwell ar y dydd.

'Til the next time / tan y tro nesaf.
Totally unacceptable standard of test match rugby by the Scot, the wooden spoon is staring them in the face adequate performance against grossly inferior opposition.

What more can one say?
Question Author
Wales were frankly shocking. Take nothing away from the Irish who dominated from the first whistle, that was a dire, uninspiring display.
Second to every loose ball, poor at the breakdown, more turnovers than an apple pie factory and the lineout was farcical.
There are a few seasoned characters who may well have donned the Welsh jersey for the last time, their halcyon days are sadly behind them.
I don't mind losing, better team won on the day no question, it's the manner of the defeat that rankles.
Never even gave ourselves a shot and suffered from white line fever when short of their line.
That said, I don't see any one team who will win the Slam so the Championship is up for grabs, but who wants it most?
Well played Ireland, it was a no-contest technical k.o. that should have been stopped after 60 minutes.


Cymru Am Byth.
-- answer removed --

Over the years, I have said that about each nation at some time.
Sob sob :0(
murray....Mrs sqad has just called that my breakfast is ready...see you later.
See ya sqad xx I'm still sobbing ! ....
TO Clivebeca:

I Googled your Welsh Comment., and you sir, are a Gentleman. as a lover of Rugby... I salute you.
ellsman / ChillDoubt ... Thanks appreciated. Just a thought, and not totally specific to yesterday. A question: Are we pretty close to playing a sort of version of 'Non-Contested scrums' I'm a former County Class Ref. and ex-player. Seems as if we've drifted into a situation which is quite simply 'bringing the game down', and is not entertaining. My mention of sort of, would maybe akin to Rugby League. But consider this: Play static scrums, ball put in by scrum half and only the hookers are allowed to contest retrieval of the ball, once that has ben effected the ref calls push, and forwards must stay on feet, any collapsing is penalized, with persistent offenders binned or red-carded.
Comments welcome. / Edrychaf ymlaen at sylwadau !

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R B S 6 Nations Rugby: Round 2

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