The Ashes, 2Nd Test, Adelaide: Day 1

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ChillDoubt | 13:15 Wed 04th Dec 2013 | Sport
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OK, they don't start for another 12 hours but I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. This is a must-win, or most definitely a don't-lose (a draw wouldn't be the end of the world).
Alistair Cook says that the rivalry in the first Test 'went over the top'. I disagree. Bar Clarke dropping the F-bomb which was caught on stump mic, this was exactly how I expected it to be and how it invariably is Down Under in an Ashes series.
Root is probably moving up to 3, Bres is expected to replace Tremlett and there is the possibility of Gary Ballance being introduced at 6.
I can't help feeling that Prior needs a decent showing with the bat this time as he has been falling short far too often of late and would like to see Bairstow given the gloves and a chance to swing the willow.
Hostilities will resume at midnight UK time and I for one hope England come out fighting, verbally or otherwise.


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Why does AB put a capital letter directly after a number when a lower case letter was typed?
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Oh and a Happy Birthday to the Barmy Army.

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Hour and a half to go, sides not named yet but some pundits are saying that this could prove to be Alistair Cook's most crucial game as England captain.
I agree. This is where we see the men separated from the boys and who is up for fighting for their Test lives in an England shirt. It's time to stand up and be counted.
Nerves jangling here ... Ballance and Monty or Bres in?
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I'd go with Bres and Ballance, or Bres and Johnny B.
Bres can knock a 50 in short time if he's in the mood, Monty is just a rabbit.
That said, none of them in the bottom half covered themselves in glory in the last one so all places should be up for grabs IMHO.
What about Monty for Swann and back him up a bit with Root and KP, who can both turn it a bit if needed.
Yes, sounds a bit like panic measures but we need somebody to shine, other than the usual one's who put their hands up when needed like Broad etc.
//It's time to stand up and be counted//

well, whoever plays, if that just means far better batting and bowling than we managed last go round, it'd be a good start
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Bres will be potent, no doubt about that.
To be fair, Broad played his part in the first innings, the big boys with the bat failed to theirs in dismal fashion.
Too many times they are relying on the bowlers to get them out of a hole, they (batsmen) need to do their jobs and get a score.
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Ben Stokes to play for England, no word on the rest yet.

Didn't see that on the horizon if I'm honest!
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Stokes definitely in, no Bres and Monty makes a return.

Australia win the toss and get first use of the track, which is generally and historically a batsman's paradise, with a little something in there for the spinners.
Bad toss to lose but let's take the positives, there's some guys coming in who must look to make their mark so let's crack on.
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Broad makes the breakthrough as he gets Warner for 29.
PLayers off at the moment becasue of light rain.

Apparently Sir Geoffrey of Boycott agrees with my assessment of Prior and believes he needs a big one in this Test or will have to make way.
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Typical. Rain stops play for the third time and it's been decided they will have lunch early.
All I want to see is England batsmen who are capable of remembering that they're in a test and not a one-day match.

Occupy the crease. Defend the wicket. Punish the bad delivery. Runs will come, all in good time.

Seeing as you mentioned Geoff Boycott... ;-)

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Monty reviews a turned down LBW shout and.............

Not out.

The first DRS of the series and it goes the wrong way for England. Nothing going right as Oz move ominously to 78-1.
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Oz have the hundred up on an absolute runway of a pitch so I'm off to bed, dreaming that whilst asleep there'll be a collapse more dramatic than a Brazian football stadium........
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Brazilian, even....
Well it's all happening here on my home town oval ....and three fairly quick wickets have gone in the last little while, Ozzies are 4/174 [ I think,] when I saw it last but...

I loved the old stands, show someone a picture and they'd identify Adelaide straight away, look at it now and it could be anywhere ...I know it's supposed to be progress but ...anyone else feel the same ??
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Weather has awoken me to a mini collapse from which the Aussies have recovered well.
2 dropped catches may prove crucial after having them on the ropes.
This is a 450+ track and they're well on their way to achieving it.
We need them out for 320 max to stand any chance of a result IMHO.
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England take the new ball and Jimmy promptly has it despatched to the boundary for 4. To rub salt in, it's under the hoarding and onto the concrete.
Not what you want with the new cherry. Ouch!
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3 dropped catches is not Ashes winners form. We need those 5 wickets quickly tomorrow or we may well have tossed them The Urn.

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The Ashes, 2Nd Test, Adelaide: Day 1

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