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Netball Round Up - While I Was Away ...

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joggerjayne | 08:00 Mon 25th Feb 2013 | Sport
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Been away for a few days (yaaay!) ... annual girls' ski weekend, giving the WAMs a bit of a break, he he ... so I missed the Netball.

But, while I was away ...

Thunder beat Loughborough Lightning

Whippets beat Team Northumbria

Surrey Storm beat Team Bath

Tonight's game is between Hertfordshire Mavericks and Celtic Dragons.

Seagull x


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One quarter played.

Herts Mavericks 15-15 Celtic Dragons
Question Author
Half Time ...

Mavericks 25-22 Dragons
Question Author
Third Quarter ended ...

Mavericks 38-32 Dragons
Thank god your back.

Riveting stuff, Must say I'm really surprised to learn the Whippets beat Team Northumbria
Question Author
Crikey SP ... that was harsh !

Hi, MT. I knew you'd miss me ...

Netball. A source of torture for someone who barely reached 5'2". Played outside in the winter on a surface covered in grit. Still have the scars on my knees. Give me a hockey stick to retaliate against bargers.
Question Author
Final Score ...

Mavericks 48-48 Dragons
Question Author
Oh, Daisy ... being tall is not so great. You feel self conscious in heels.
Does this mean we will have a re-match to look forward to?
Please keep us posted.....
Question Author
No, it was a League game.
JJ Can't even wear heels. Cracked 3 vertebrae in gymnastics.
Question Author
Owwwwwwwww !!!

If I'm not mistaken, I think that's the first draw in this years NSL

League game , shoota , no replay
Question Author
Very good, MT x
Still there'll be others no doubt.
We should start a supporters club Mick.....
Question Author
Okay okay ...

Just a gentle wind up JJ - we love you really ;-)
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Netball Round Up - While I Was Away ...

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