Great to see England's women's team win this evening.

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Anngel | 20:12 Wed 19th Sep 2012 | Sport
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Finally, the BBC wises up that it might be good to see a team which actually wins at the top level. A thought occured that they might consider the men's team having a woman manager. Might help.....


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Sorry but the words 'womens' and 'football' don't belong together in the same sentence
what have England men's team won lately.
Same as trhe ladies team - nowt.
I was refering to Women playing the game in general

Not good to watch, a joke in fact
Not if you support Croatia of course :-)

Good luck to the England team anyway, though I am a supporter of the N. Ireland ladies of course. We have come a long way from the days of patronising comments on Grandstand.
At least the ladies don't roll about in agony then jump up after the magic spray has been applied like the men. If they go down injured, they usually are. Nor do they 'dive' in penalty area to try and get a penalty awarded.
Not yet, but these things increase directly in tandem with coverage, popularity, sponsorship, money and the number of cameras present. The players call this form of chaeting "being professional".

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Great to see England's women's team win this evening.

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