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Robin van Persie

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johnrambo18 | 13:34 Wed 15th Aug 2012 | Sport
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what's happening over his transfer? There was rumour he'd signed for man utd...


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Man U want him for £20m, but Arsenal want £30m, not yet agreed.
A bit of brinksmanship I think. Of course there may still be another twist
The latest I've read was this, see link:
Last thing I read was Man Utd offered less than 20m but Arsenal wanted 20m. Looks likely that they will deal for less but include bonuses that add up to the required 20m mark.

Arsenal have to be careful as if they don't shift him now come January he will be half this price and come next Summer will walk away giving them nothing.
Yes but he is 29
at 29 he still has 5 good years in him. Any contract would be 3 at most.
At United a renewed contract for any player over thirty gets a rolling contract of one year. So if RVP does sign I think that a three year deal would be most likely.
I'm absolutely gutted he's going, and would rather he stayed but, if he is going, and it's looking more likely by the minute, then I'd much prefer he went anywhere than Utd. Me = gooner OH = Utd I can already hear the gloating if VP scores for them.
It's not as simple as just losing the money if he walks away at the end of the season. A judgment also has to be made as to his value to Arsenal if he stays and presumably strengthens the team's chances of winning trophies. Plus there's the extreme reluctance to let him go to a domestic rival.
Transfer fee now agreed, just some details left to sort out.
At 29 he will not have 5 years at united
Great acquisition for United. Mancini will be sulking.
Indeed it will be, I pleased that we got him. As I said in another thread by ric.ror he will fit in quite easily with United although it does leave SAF with a conundrum.
It is claimed he will form a 'deadly' partnership with Rooney.

Van Persie is far too fast for Rooney.
What conundrum? When Rooney makes a shock late move to Man City tomorrow there will be no selection headaches for Fergie
Lol Factor. that wouldn't surprise me.
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Robin van Persie

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