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Supplements etc for Body Building

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Nottingham89 | 14:37 Tue 14th Aug 2012 | Sport
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I am starting out in body building but I want to take my time and I have been looking at things like Whey Protein and Creatine but is there any thing else I could take?


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Duncer is only teasing, of course.

(Hey, Duncer x)

But this is a big area, isn't it.

Maybe we need to break it down into ...

Pre-workout energy and stamina supplements.

Mid-workout stamina and hydration supplements, and lactose buffers.

Post-workout tissue repair and building supplements.

With-meal digestive supplements.

All-day vitamin and mineral supplements.


Maybe tell us a bit about your current routine?

Also, how seriously are you going into bodybuilding?

As a hobby ?

To take part in amateur contests ?

To try to get a Pro card ?
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Supplements etc for Body Building

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