Netball Players Nice Up In 'T North

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joggerjayne | 22:14 Mon 05th Mar 2012 | Sport
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This is SO nice.

"Chronicle Live" looks like a Geordie sort of thing. Way aye, man.


Rebecca Neil is a SuperLeague netball player, with Team Northumbria.


Last year, she injured her knee, and was at risk of not being able to play any more. But, on Saturday, she was in the Team Northumbria side who played against Surrey Storm.

Incidentally, the result of that match has been widely wrongly reported ... even on Surrey Storm's own website, which reported a home win for Northumbria ...

In fact, it was a 69-43 away win for Storm.

But the nice thing is that Rebecca played against her own sporting hero, Tamsin Greenway, the Surrey Storm Coach and Wing Attacker.

You can tell from the Chronicle Live article, that Rebecca was pretty made up about it. She sounds lovely.

But Storm did win, remember, in case you see it wrongly reported anywhere.

In the meantime ...


... which is still going on at Hatfield Sports Village, Northern Thunder are beating Mavericks 55-27.


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Well, wow !

Northern Thunder 66-32 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Thunder are awesome this season. Played 7, won 7.

I thought earlier that Mavericks might pull one out of the bag and win this game, but Thunder remain invincible.

The Neville brothers will be pleased.

Hi Jayne, sorry to open an old post but I was at sports dinner last night and sat with Sam Holt, the captain from Team Northumbria. She had a similar injury when she joined last year but said they were both thrilled to be playing again.

Also Emma Woodings, the new Kiwi girl had been rushed to hospital last week with a problem with her appendix so we hope she'll be back soon also.
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Wow, johne ... Sam Holt! ... mixing with sporting celebs!

That must have been a jolly evening.

I wonder if she played when they beat Celtic Dragons last month? I suppose she must have done.

Yes I think she did. I'm sure I saw a clip of her marking the.....erm.....big lass up front for the Dragons :o)

I also had a quick chat with Magda Ropiak who plays Volleyball for Northumbria and is the England captain......

....ooooohhh listen to me mixing it with sporting Royalty!
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johne ...

Surely you cannot be referring to Dragons goal shooter Lotty Cato ?


But hey, I'm really quite jealous.

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Netball Players Nice Up In 'T North

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