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bibblebub | 10:44 Thu 26th Jan 2012 | Sport
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Can anyone tell me who the commentators are that are covering the Federer/Nadal match currently on Eurosport 1?

I didn't catch their names but one of them just doesn't stop talking and I'm finding him very irritating, he's spoiling the viewing of what is a good tennis match.


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aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he's talked about one particular shot all the way through the following two points

he must be an ex-player
Not watching so no idea. Can you not watch with the sound off?
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That's what I've done but when I saw the crowd standing up to applaud something (having been googling something and thus not watching the tv) I decided to have a listen as to what was going on.
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Play halted because of a firework display? Is this a first?

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Eurosport tennis commentator

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