Saturday Punt - 2 Jul 2022

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Ken4155 | 10:22 Sat 02nd Jul 2022 | Other Sports
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Today's ITV 7 comes from just two meetings - Sandown (first leg 1.50) and Haydock. The Haydock meeting hosts the Old Newton Cup and, for regular customers, 365 have kindly provided a free £5 bet for this race.

Mark Johnston has won it 3 times in the last 10 years and all 3 were carrying low weights. He has two in this, both lowly weighted, and i am siding with his Enfranchise (e.w. @ 28/1) with my free fiver.


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Morning, ken. I, too, have a 'free' bet but nobody just gave me mine, I had to earn it the hard way. ;-)
Looked at today's racing last night for a cert to put it on but nothing jumped out at me. Hoped for some inspiration on here but haven't found it. (only said that to guarantee that Enfranchise sluices in)
Didn't know you could e/w the 'free' bets.
Might do Johnson's other runner e/w. One of us would be bound to win then, wouldn't we?
Lousy weather for July and the early races (Bar 2 @Haydock) are not much more inviting. Going out shortly, so the ITV7 is on and two little punts done from the runners. ***Win Trixie. ⁕⁕⁕E/W Trixie. Should be back in time to have a flutter on the 4 handicaps that finish the Haydock and Sandown cards, that are more to my liking. Good luck all.

Mitbaahy @10/3 1.50S*
Duty Bound @8/1 2.05H⁕
Checkandchallenge @10/3 2.25S*
Free Wind @4/1 2.40H*
Heredia 3.00S
Secret Shadow @7/1 3.15H⁕ (Free £5 bet win)
Mishriff @17/2 3.35S⁕
Just a nod ... If your free £5 bet is from 365 then you can have it on any of the Haydock races not just the Newton.
Talking of 'free' bets. Last Sunday, ken, I got the thingy on Skybet up to £24.50.
A day or two later, while at a loose end, I had a brainwave. To wit, stick a pound on anything and 'win' the free £5 bet.
Bet you know what happened. Baskets started me off on nothing again.
For goodness sake, if you can't trust a bookie, just who in this life can you trust? ;-)
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Togo, i actually misread the email! It began 'Old Newton Cup Day' then went on to say they had given us a free bet. I read 'Old Newton Cup'.....'here's your free bet'. Not sure i would have done anything else with it had i read it correctly but, note to self "Read yer bloody emails correctly, Ken, you twonk!"
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2.05 Hay; Duty Bound @ 8/1 - 5 places
2.25 San; Lion Tower @ 13/2
3.15 Hay; Liverpool Knight @ 7/1 (BB) - 6 places
4.10 San; Aldhaja @ 7/1 - 5 places

Win singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £31, 4 winners = £5,137.

1.50 San; Mitbaahy @ 10/3 (BB)
2.40 Hay; Eshaada @ 5/2
3.35 San; Vadeni @ 5/2 (BB)

£1 Trixie, £1 Treble for a poss £148.72

Above 6 qualifiers plus Heredia in the ITV 7 and £1 e.w. acca.

Best of luck, all.
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Spice, you should listen carefully when a bookie says, "Trussssst me." :-)
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Thought i would have trouble making the £25 weekly for the Sky Bet Club fiver, Spice, but because they always offer more places than the rest - no matter the sport - i have managed to keep it going :-)
Thanks for mentioning the free bet Ken. I've followed your example and put 50p e/w on Enfranchise 28/1. I've put the free £5 on Get Shirty 10/1 (£2.50 e/w) in the same race. Good luck everyone.
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Afternoon Carrot and good luck with the bets:-)
Can't seem to access the free bet. It says I've qualified for one?
It's a mystery.
Question Author
With 365?
Question Author
If yes, Spice, select a race at Haydock, choose a horse and the free bet option will appear.
It should but doesn't.
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Go on 'Live chat' and ask them what's happening.
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If you waited until Monday to top the £25, you won't receive a free bet with Skybet Club. The offer runs from Mon through to Sun, with the free bet being awarded by 1pm on the following Monday.
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If you think you've qualified but the little parcel isn't showing by the side of your 'stake' box, get in touch with Live Chat.
I made that mistake last Sunday.
No, made sure yesterday. I might log out and back in.
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If you have a free bet, you've got all week to use it. Doesn't expire until midnight next Sunday.

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Saturday Punt - 2 Jul 2022

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