Saturday Punt - 25 Sep 2021

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Ken4155 | 10:14 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | Other Sports
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Today's ITV 7 comes from Newmarket, Haydock and Chester. First race 1.50.


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G'day Ken. I missed your post yesterday I was out most of the afternoon till late. The weather was beautiful again warm and clear blue sky. I did a punt before I went out but won't bore you with the hopelessness of it. 1 out of 7 with 2 placed. Must do better and today is the day then. Done the ITV7 and couple of bets ****E/W Acca, Trebles, Doubles. ⁕⁕⁕ Win Trixie. Going out again shortly but should be back to have a couple of singles later if needs be. Good luck if you have a flutter. May have a look at the Doc later Ken. Looks like he is after a bit of "Corn Money".

Royal Patronage @3/1 1.50Nm⁕
Nugget @11/4 2.05 H⁕
Tenebrism @11/1 2.25Nm*
Muntadab @10/1 2.35Ch*
Copper Knight @9/2 2.40H⁕
Hms Endeavour @18/1 3.00NM*
Chichester @13/2 3.40Nm*(6 places)
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Thankfully there were no less than 10 n/r's in the 3.40. With the help of the stats regarding age, weight, draw, lto performance, etc, i managed to whittle the number down to an almost manageable 12 from which to burden with my sheckles. My selection is;

£1.50 e.w. on Naval Commander @ 28/1 to 8 places with Sky

2.35 Che; Muntadab @ 10/1 - 4 places
3.20 M/R; Regaby @ 4/1 - 4 places
3.30 Rip; Coley Koko @ 11/2 - 4 places
4.05 Rip; Bossipops @ 10/1

4 x £2 wins, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = poss £35, 4 winners = poss £5,262.

ITV7; Royal Patronage, Nugget, Zain Claudette, Muntadab, Mondammej, Perfect Power and Anmaat. £1 e.w. acca.

Best of luck, all.
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Just slapped a fiver on Royal Patronage and was cursing Johnson's s0-called 'tough horses' as it folded tamely when Coroebus breezed past it, and went ahead by a good few lengths. My insults were choked off as the seemingly beaten RP came storming back to claim the spoils? If you were out for the race, Togo, do try and watch a recording of it. One of the weirdest finishes i've witnessed for quite some time.
Back in Ken. Just been to stretch my legs on the prom and a visit to tidy up the MiL's grave. Just watched it. Royal Patronage was indeed as tough as they say he is and Jason Hart kept him well up to his work. More than can be said for Buick. I should think that Appleby and Godolphin will be furious. His lack of attention just cost em £35k and any bets that "connections" had going. I started well ... first two in :))
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Snap re first 2. Fiver on both, too :-). Only done £2 on next selection.
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I'm beginning the begging letter now, Togo :-)
Haha I am already fending off cash out offers.
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Bit more rebate from Mondammej (£2 win), just got up to pip yours on the line - for a change:-)
Did me for a nice treble Ken.
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Gonna watch my lads beat Leicester 2-1, now :-J Got 16s for that to happen. I'll watch the 3.40 on the laptop.
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Couldn't make it up, could you. Sky paying 8 places on the big race - mine finished NINTH! :-/
Burnley 2-1 up at ht, cash out offer - £26 :-(

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Saturday Punt - 25 Sep 2021

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