Saturday Punt - 18 Sep 2021

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Ken4155 | 12:05 Sat 18th Sep 2021 | Other Sports
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Today's ITV 7 comes from Newbury and Ayr, where there are two massive conundrums to solve. Head down, stats at the ready :-)


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Just looking at the races now Ken ... Today would be a good day to get that lucky Acca up. My selections look like being over 5million/1. Ayr Gold cup is the announcement that Summer is over.
That was fun ... and I have made my choices. ITV7 as per with a 4 horse Acca**** and a Trixie from the other 3. Singles as the races are run and take evasive cover if it goes awry early. 365 gave me another free footie bet despite me scalping then last week, so I will try again Liverpool 4-0. Good Luck if you have a go.

Woven @16/1 2.30A*
Ilaraab @9/1 @2.50N⁕
Rishes Baar @17/2 3.05A*
King Leonadis @8/1 3.25N*
Ostilio @10/1 3.40A*
Gubbass @9/2 4.00N⁕
Garden Oasis @13/2 4.15A⁕

****£1 E/W Acca. 25p E/W Doubles and Trebles
⁕⁕⁕ 50p E/W Trixie
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I'll begin by saying that something very unusual has just happened - a Mark Johnston horse has actually won for me:-/ Wonders will never cease. Only had a couple of quid on it @ 15/2 but it's a start:-).
Not surprisingly Togo, with so many runners, we have managed to have a difference of opinion in all 7 races, so hopefully one of us will strike it rich today - fingers, eys, toes and legs crossed that it's me:-)).

No win or ew singles from the L15 today, but i have done rev f/cs in each of the 4 races;

2.30 Ayr; Magical Spirit @ 15/2 - 6 places (f/c with Bergerac)
3.40 Ayr; Just Frank @ 9/1 - 7 places (f/c with Great Ambassador)
4.00 N'b; Gis A Sub @ 8/1 - 4 places (f/c with Maglev)
4.15 Ayr; Hong Kong Harry @ 5/1 - 4 places (f/c with Shelir)

20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = poss £33, 4 winners = poss £5,270.

ITV 7; Above 4 plus Alaasy (left out of e.w. acca), Head Mistress and Aramaic. £1 e.w. sixfold.

Have you noticed that we have 2 ABers runners today? Choux in the 3.05 Ayr and Gulliver in the 3.40 Ayr. I'm tempted :-)

Best of luck, Togo, and all punters.
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By the way, i've used my free fiver as part of my usual tenner on Burnley to win 2-1 @ 14s. I'd bite yer arm off for a 1-0 right now - haven't won at home since January !!!!!
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Really pushing my luck. just had a £2 win on Johnston's Maydanny @ 11/2, then watched it hold on to win - returned 9/2. :-))
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Away from the ITV 7;

3.15 N'm; Indigo Times @ 13/2
4.50 Ayr; Bowman (Johnston's!) @ 6/1
5.05 N'b; Praiano @ 4/1
5.45 Cat; Final Frontier @ 12/1

20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca (all to 4 places). 4 placed = poss £30, 4 winners = poss £4,339.

Time to have a proper look at the football, now that the line-ups have been posted
Couldn't resist a little e/w on the Doc's horse.
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Pah! Johnston - worst trainer in the country. Toussarock (£2 win) folded like a very easy origami piece :-)
Besides the 2 ab runners that you named Ken, there is also Dash of Spice and Pixie Carter.
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Didn't see those 2 Togo, but in the end, i left well alone:-)
Nothing with the main bets but i did manage a double with 2 'Mays' - grand-daughter's middle name (yeah, i know i'm a mug :-J) - Maydanny and special Mayson (Patent let down by Mayaas, unplaced after over a year away from the track).
Pity i don't have any grandkids called Ivor :-(
Dismal this end Ken. Ahh well said the soul.

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Saturday Punt - 18 Sep 2021

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