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Carling Cup

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x-ray | 10:58 Thu 23rd Sep 2010 | Football
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This competition has become of no value to the top Premiership clubs - nobody wants to win it.
Last night saw the elimination of Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City who put out "reserve" sides with no intention of progressing.. The previous night Everton went out and the Arsenal v.,Tottenham game had to produce one winner,
Manchester United reserves beat Scunthorpe, but these are the only two "top" clubs left in the competition.
Will the F.A. Cup go the same way ?.


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Liverpool put out the 'reserve' team...or as someone else said the 'yuff' team. But 5 of the players were at the world cup...
This competition was created in 1960 when the only competitions open to the top clubs were the league, the FA cup and those lucky enough to be involved in the European cup, Fairs cup, etc.

We have obviously moved on from those days and the pressure of competing in champions league, europa cup is immense on managers, players, etc, hence rotation system, large squads, etc, etc.

We live in a different world and the domestic cup competition that has suffered is the old league cup.

From 1960 the competition was open to all 92 league clubs, who had the option of competing or not, For example Arsenal did not participate until 1966. From 1971/72 entry was made compulsory - and from 1966 the winners were nominated for the Fairs cup/uefa cup (if they were a top flight club).

I think the time is right for clubs to choose if they wish to enter - after all do the players/fans think it is a hollow victory when they beat one of the top flight clubs (second string teams.)

Or what about restricting the competition to the 72 proper league clubs and invite the 24 Blue Square Bet Premier boys into the competition. I'm sure you will still get exciting games with a Wembley final to boot and another chance of a Wembley appearance for the good old pro in the lower leagues.
winning the cup gets you a cup and a free can of carling, winning the league or champions league gets you millions of ££££££
the FA cup still has a bit of glory attached to it, but yes i think it will become meaningless for the big clubs, because like it or not, football,especially at the top is all about money, and more money now
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Why not make it an under 21s tournament....and then it might mean something in terms of long term development of probably means Arsenal will win it for the next 5 years though....
The thing that has always bothered me is that the Premier League teams are in (what is actually) The FOOTBALL LEAGUE Cup! I wasn't aware that the Premier League clubs were still members of the FL!

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Carling Cup

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