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Will someone shut those blasted horns up PLEASE!

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Twenty20 | 13:43 Sun 13th Jun 2010 | Football
10 Answers
It's just a constant drone. Pass the paracetamol.


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They should ban them, if they annoy us viewers so much can you imagine how the players feel??
I completely agree!
it sounds like a swarm of gigantic bloody bees...truly awful
Same here...
if England get to host the 2018 tournament what noise should we have? The sound of a Cockney knees-up? A massed choir of scouser "calm down, calm down"?
Had heard that there may be a new rule that the hosts dont automatically get put through. That would just be englands luck, get to host in 2018 but dont acually play lol
bibble I like all types of football anthems / songs
but sorry, this is a long droneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
We could have a load of Morris dancers continually boinging about all along the touch line, waving their hankies and jingling.
If it isn't horns, it's drumming - why? they consentrate SO hard on it they must miss the match, so again I ask why? (Except to annoy us!!)
The Britannia Coconutters would be an excellent choice..................:D

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Will someone shut those blasted horns up PLEASE!

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