Micky Mouse Cup Final.

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Arksided | 23:05 Sun 26th Feb 2017 | Football
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Well done to United foremost. Brilliantly well played by Southampton by making it a cup final, if it had been one of the lesser clubs like Arsenal or Liverpool it would have been a drab affair... commiserations to those lads that ran their socks off.


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As ever on such occasions the lesser(or rather, not-such-a-big-name team) were undone by some poor officiating.
Football, biggest sport in the world yet travesty after travesty abounds because it refuses(unlike every other top sport in the world) to use the full media and television capabilities at its disposal.
Claims that looking at incidents would take too long are utter rubbbish. The offside goal that should have stood for Southampton would have taken all of 30 seconds to rectify.
It's because of such injustices that I lost a lot of interest in the game that I once had.
Players being sent off for 'fouls' that weren't even yellow cards, let alone reds. These matters could have been sorted by a TMO whilst the Oscar-winning performance of the man(I use the term loosely because in many instances the person concerned isn't) 'fouled' could be pored over and scrutinised as he spends 45 seconds rolling around in feigned agony.
If the authorities took proper retrospective action and banned divers etc for 3 games, the matter would cease to be a problem within weeks.

Rant over!
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I'm inclined to agree with statement about fouls etc... feigning
injuries ... etc... United still would have won on that basis. They stayed on their feet and not topple over when in the penalty box. If you watched the game you'd have to agree that Italian fella should have walked for numerous infringements.

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Micky Mouse Cup Final.

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