Answerbank Fantasy Football 2013/14 Final League Table.

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Kidd72 | 11:59 Mon 12th May 2014 | Football
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Congratulations and respect to Wordsley Baggies on winning this seasons Answerbank Fantasy Football league.

For me its been the toughest I've played it, all fun though.
Thank you Rowan for setting it up for us all.
Full final league table:

1. Wordsley Baggies... 2228
2. Dingles 1 Baggies 5...2216
3. benchkoeryan...2192
4. Mighty WBA...3134
5. Robs Robbers...2117
6. ryanchloeben...2075
7. Black Country Albion...2071
8. X-RAY ROVERS...2018
9. magicmick11...1955
10. les Oeufs... 1908
11. AB Wanderers...1903
12. Robs Robbers 2nd XI... 1880
13. Swansong...1869
14. BEEJAYS BEARS...1860
15. wobbly bob...1835
16. Trident Dribblers...1770
18. Blubbers...1719
19. Hugo Mugget!..1713
20. liverton...1650
21. Eggs Eleven...1636
22. Lie-in United...1632
23. here we go...1542
24. Losers one and all...1480
25. Prem XI...1468
26. Bread...1413
27. Cookie...1350
28. livethedreamteam...1271
29. Lie-in Disunited...1249
30. Rowanwitch...1229
31. Prem XI...1200
32. Team JJ...1168
33. OwensTeam...1127
34. teamberniecuddles...1041
35. InterYaNan...1015
36. The Netball Team...897


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Many thanks Kidd72, hopefully we can have another AB League for the 2014/15 Season.
There should be a World Cup Fantasy Football Comp run by Sky Sports.
4 Years ago they had one, plus Paul the Octopus forecasting the matches and getting them all correct ! lol lol
Thanks Kidd72.
I mean't to thank Rowan and Redman for setting up the Answerbank League in my post too.
Hopefully we will all meet again for a World Cup Fantasy Competition
On my reckoning Mighty WBA came top . . . .
Question Author
Yes, Mighty should be top, Sorry Mighty but your position stands as is. Somebody decided to put the no. 3. next to the no. 2. key on my keyboard. hope I'm forgiven for a little typo.

I do hope they'll be a world cup one, that'll be great I'll be in that one for sure.
I also forgot to say well done to everyone that took part this season.

If it's not the world cup one hope to see you all again in August.
I'm please with 32nd

Slightly disappointed with my second team coming bottom.
Cheers folks!
All good fun..Bring on the World Cup!!

Ronnie O'Sullivan was born in Wordsley and it's nice to see the Baggies top of any league :)
well done mighty WBA.
congratulations mighty WBA.

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Answerbank Fantasy Football 2013/14 Final League Table.

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