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HowardKennitby | 22:13 Thu 29th Mar 2012 | Football
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Just read my email from Barca.
Carles Puyol has now equalled the record for the number of appearances for the team(549).
While this is a great achievement I think he should have retired after the World Cup.
He is becoming slow and also injury-prone and I think the team would be better if he went.
I would have no problem with him being transferred to a coaching role where I think he could make a very worthwhile contribution to the cause.
How say you?



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Hey Howie, Just saw your piece about Puyol. I didn't get that e-mail about his record number of appearances though. I think he wanted to retire from international football after the workd cup but was persuaded to carry on - they seem to see him as a bit of a mascot. I don't think he can be totally replaced until Barca get a decent centre half or maybe grow one at La Masia! I think he will eventually end up in a coaching role at the club perhaps even another Pep.
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I agree that now he seems to have a status greater than his football contribution. I had not heard anything about him wanting to go.
He has been at Barca for a lot longer than most players and been the captain for a long time.
I think that Mascherano + Pique are a good enough centre pair for Spanish football.
For Champions' League etc. they probably need someone with a bit more height than Mascherano. The illness of Eric Abidal will not help either.

Bad news about Stan Petrov, he is a class player and football needs more like him.
Let's hope Stan gets the treatment he needs and comes out hale and hearty which is what everyone wants.
Agree that Abidal is going to be missed. Wasn't too impressed with Mascherano when he arrived at the Camp Nou but I've warmed to him, he is a tad on the short side for a centre half though, selling Yaya Toure was a big mistake in my book, he was a good holding midfielder but could do a good turn in the back 4 as well as scoring the odd goal. Did you know that Puyol started out as a keeper? I've a real soft spot for Puyol and will be sad when he finally retires from the team.
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Re keeper

No I didn't. It is a career most footballers can only dream of
I saw Puyol taken apart at Windsor Park a good few years back when Norn' Iron beat Spain 3-2, but it didn't stop Carlos from going on to win a few minor trophies like the Champions League and the Spanish league title. I wouldn't write him off just yet guys.

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