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Is This A Scam Or What?

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jno | 19:46 Tue 07th May 2024 | Spam & Scams
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I've had an email from Meta as follows

A new payment method was added to Meta Pay

Hi Jno,

Your Visa · 6267 has been securely saved. You can now use this payment method with Meta Pay to make purchases, send money and donate to the causes you care about across Facebook and Messenger.

If you didn't add this payment method to Meta Pay, please contact us immediately.

As far as I can see it's genuine. It comes from [email protected], it gets my email and name right, and the Contact Us link goes to

But I don't have a payment card on FB (even now, despite the email) and haven't tried to enter one, and don't have a Visa card 6267.

What's going on here? Has someone innocently tried to add a card to my account? Do I have to notify Meta or can I ignore the whole thing?



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If you look at the raw message/ headers does it still show that correct facebook email address as the true sender? It may show somewhere in Russia or similar.

Or just ignore it anyway.

It'll be a scam I'm sure. Especially if there's no actual message on  your Facebook account


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yes, all account names apparently correct (and in America by the look of it).

I'm just scratching my head over exactly what's happened. How could FB have a record of someone who's not me doing something with my account? Or, who do FB say the card's been saved to my account when it hasn't been?

Although the sender's email address is displayed as what looks like the official Facebook one, when you hover over the sender's address does it show as that again or as something else?


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no, I tried that but it's exactly as shown, and so is the Contact Us one.

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thanks for that, Hazlinny. There's no suggestion that my payment info will be shared with anyone, and I don't have any - so they can tell that to anyone they like...

It reminds me of the time the credit card company said my card had been compromised. It turned out someone had mistyped her card number when paying her mortgage - easily traced because they had her address! An innocent mistake but I still wonder how it was made with nobody noticing. Maybe something similar has happened with FB.

It sounds like a scam. AFAIK all emails from Facebook come from, not ...

Change your Facebook password ...

Oh OK, scratch that ... I see in my own email account! 

Notifications like this one do come from Facebook

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Is This A Scam Or What?

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