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Howly Just A Heads Up

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calmck | 16:32 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Spam & Scams
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Howly is a company that says it will help solve issues with suppliers, stores etc. I was directed to this company after trying to solve a problem with Uber. You pay $1 for initial contact but have to input card details. I received email conversation saying what they had done to resolve the problem but were unsuccessful. I then got a bank alert about at $55 charge. This was a monthly subscription. I demanded and got my money back and was asked by TrustPilot to write a review. I did and my review is being disputed. However there are more negative reviews all saying they were signed up for subscriptions than positive ones with good results. 

I did not read all the reviews but there where lots from this March all saying they had been signed up illegally 



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Subscription terms here:

As I see it, is simply trying to do what The AnswerBank also seeks to do (i.e. answering questions and providing advice) but on a paid basis.  I can't think of any reason why I'd want to involve a Cyprus-based company in a UK dispute.

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Problem was I didn't see where was based till I got my bank alert! My moneys back though

Glad you got your money back, there's quite a few companies working to a similar model.

Have you sorted your Uber problem out?  Did you report it to the local council or TFL if you live in London?

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Uber in Esposende near Porto. Granddaughter got her key back


I do tend to assume everything is in the UK.  I don't know about private hire licensing in Spain but I do know they must be licensed.  I know a few ex-pats who have been caught doing airport runs for 'friends'

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All Ubers here have a licence number in their windshield and are well regulated as are taxis


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Howly Just A Heads Up

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