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Fake Evri Parcel Collect Email.

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tali1 | 20:26 Wed 13th Dec 2023 | Spam & Scams
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On my mobile phone i stupidly i clicked on fake Evri parcel collect email.It took  me to Russian site ( to be a hotel, when i checked later  ?  .However the page was totally  basic  with just Russian script- nothing about entering any details.I immediately  closed the page.Am i comprimised my merely clicking on the link ?



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I also had a fake evri email . It said my delivery could not be made (I hadn't used Evri at all) It said I had to pay £1.99 for a new delivery date so I blocked and deleted. As long as you didn't give any personal details, you should be safe, but check that they have not installed any dodgy apps on your mobile

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Thankfully the page didn't divert me to another link.Not that i w ould have downloaded anything.But this one seems odd.Maybe it so sophisticated that the link alone can cause a comprimise.Maybe i'm being paranoid 

By clicking the link you may have confirmed that you have an active email, depending if your email system allows tracking.

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It was(like countless others) to my  outlook express -which seems to be the go -to choice for scammers

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Fake Evri Parcel Collect Email.

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