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More Victims Of Scams.

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Guilbert53 | 16:10 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Spam & Scams
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Article on the BBC web site on more scam victims.

Please tell all your friends and family (particularly elderly relatives and neighbours) not to fall for this type of scam.

1) If you get a phone call saying it is your bank or the police DONT believe them. Put the phone down then do some double checking first.

2) Never give out personal or banking information to anyone on the phone.

3) NEVER be talked in to transferring money in to a "safe" account (as it is far from safe)

4) NEVER give out your OTP (One Time Password) - that the bank may send to your phone - to any other person.

5) NEVER click on a link in an email that says it will take you to an official site, it almost certainly wont, more likely it will be a scammers "fake" web site.

6) Sadly, be very suspicious of ANYONE who phones you up out the blue. Best to ignore EVERY phone call you get from someone you don't know (even if they say they are the police or your bank or other official organization).

This is all very sad to say, but we are living an a far nastier world where there are hundreds of people out there to scam you. Be VERY wary of ANYONE who contacts you, be it on the phone, via email or at your front door.

DONT be too trusting.


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More Victims Of Scams.

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