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Insulin and the Staunch Religious

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society | 02:34 Mon 22nd Mar 2010 | Religion & Spirituality
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Stemming from the Jehovah Witness and blood transfusion thread – JW supposedly refuses blood, blood transfusion etc. Like Islam and Judaism neither do JW eat pork or swine. What do the diabetics from these religious denominations whom are dependant on insulin take? My understanding is that insulin is made from the pig. I’ve always wondered about this; what are your thoughts and opinions on this?


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I don't think that pork is forbidden to JWs. I've never heard it raised as an issue.
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Don't try to insult me you, you... I can goggle and know how to use goggle.

I asked this on here because I would like to know the opinions of others on this topic. Please stay away from my post rather that be an idiot.
> I can goggle and know how to use goggle.

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So what if Google was incorrectly spelt! I'm sure the other readers would know what is meant.
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most insulin these days is manufactured in a laboratory and has no connection with any animal, it's made from a bacteria and is cultivated a bit like yeast. my son was started on this 'human' insulin 20 years ago. it's my understanding that animal (pork) insulin was gradually being phased out, although it is still available, and newly diagnosed diabetics for the last maybe 25 years are prescribed human insulin.
The medical requirement takes priority for Muslims. During the month of Ramzan, if there is a medical condition, the fasting need not be observed, the same with insulin made from a pig, it is not forbidden.
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I grew up amongst Jews and was told that pork and all pig bi-products are forbidden to them.

Wiz - are you a pork-eating Jew? :-)

Thanks for you input Ethandron and TCL-MUMPING.

Although I find this to be hypocritical, it is sensible for diabetic Muslims to use pig insulin. My point is JW refuses blood because it 'not kosher' to them and the Muslims accept the pig insulin to save their health and perhaps lives although their religious beliefs forbids them from pig.
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jehova's witness eat non-kosher food like pork, rabbit and shrimp but would try to avoid meats from animals not properly bled at the time of the kill (that's what makes meat kosher). however it's not against their religeon.
insulin isn't a blood product, it's ingesting blood or blood products which is the problem jehova's witness have, although it's a matter of interpretation.
you need to google it to have it fully explained.
Society – First of all as someone else said that insulin does not only come from pigs. It comes from few other animals as well as other methods and sources. As a Muslim I do not agree with you that it is hypocritical and instead I believe it is practical. If JW do not allow blood transfusion then you call them wrong as they are refusing one very main method needed to save human life and I agree with you on that, and on the other hands if Muslims say that to save a human life you can use insulin (if that is the only available treatment) even from pig (if that is the only available source) then you are calling that hypocritical. Let me tell you that its not only insulin but a Muslim is even allowed to eat pig if there is nothing else and he is in danger of death otherwise.

As in normal practice why pork is forbidden has lots of reasons and then its not only Jews or Muslims, even Christians are not allowed pig.

Islam gives priority to human life. Christians are against abortion and so are Muslims. Still there is a slight difference. Islam allows abortion if going ahead with pregnancy would cause danger to mother’s life.

Then of course it shows that God has not created anything without a reason including pigs of course.
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My error there Wiz, I was mainly referring to Jehovah Witness. All the JWs I know, have told me that pork is one of their forbidden foods, but, many still eat it.

Keyplus, you've taught me a few things I was ignorant of. Thanks everyone for you responses.

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Insulin and the Staunch Religious

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