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Catholic Wedding

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Eve | 22:25 Sat 03rd Jan 2009 | Religion & Spirituality
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My brother is getting married in Canada in September.

His lovely bride to be is a catholic (we are Christian/Church of England) and I was just curious as to whether there are any differences to the formalities to the wedding ceremony.

I am guessing he will have to go through some kind of instruction?

I can ask them but they're not back over here for a few weeks so was just curious in the mean time.

Any help very gratefully recieved :)


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Sorry, I've only been to a wedding in a Baptist church in Canada, but that was quite different to what we're used to. A real touch of Hollywood thrown in with the two mothers taking a prominent role in the ceremonial lighting of candles, and the minister halting the proceedings at regular intervals for photo opportunities with the main players. No one seemed to think that any of it was unusual, but I don't know if the Catholic church does anything similar.
have been to lots of catholic weddings but as i dont know what church of england weddings entail i'm not sure what is different is there specific aspects you want to know
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Thanks for your answers :)

I'm not sure what would be different though I do know the mother of the bride will be making a speech as well as the father :)

I believe there is some kind of big thing about the rehearsal as well though, something to do with speeches and such there too.
yep there is always rehearsals. The mass is celebrated by apriest but given there are two religions generally they have a priest/ minister from both sides. In Irish Catholic weddings the speeches are made at the reception not at the actual mass. Though I am not sure if Canadian Catholics celebrate the same way Irish do? Have you tried googling it
He'll have to convert if they want a catholic service I think Jenna. Have a google but something is tugging my brain cells telling me that both parties have to be catholic to have a catholic ceremony although they could have a blessing done at a civil service by a catholic priest.
no a catholic can have a catholic ceremony to a non catholic usually a minister of their religion is present.
The catholic service is an hour long with mass, communion & the civil registrar ceremony.

The priest has 3 instructional meetings with the non-catholic to inform of the faiths doctrine on birth control, rearing children in the faith and 'no divorce'!
I did not know that... Ta muchly!
are there any canadian answer bank type sites that you could go on and ask your question.

best of luck jenna, hope heathcliffe is warm

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Catholic Wedding

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