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ex christian

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chopperz | 19:32 Sat 20th Aug 2011 | Religion & Spirituality
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I joined this site a few days ago with the intention of posting a question re:holidays. However I didnt bother in the end and did a bit of research on the net instead. Tonight I thought that Id have a better look around this site and discovered the religion section. After a quick look through it I can see that there seems to be a few more unbelievers in religion than believers.
I was just wondering how many EX believers there are on here? I am an ex evangelical born again christian (I now waver between agnosticism and atheism but dont sweat over it),
Looking back on my life I find it difficult to believe that I once defended some of the most ridiculous teachings and doctrines ever to be thought up.
Ive nothing against religious people as such but their lack of reason needs to be challenged.


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Unless everyone here responds to your question, I'm not sure how you'll find out how many believers and non-believers (including ex-believers) there are on this site!

For the record, I've never believed in any form of religion. (I'm a militant atheist, having joined anti-Christian demonstrations outside churches).

(Incidentally, the easiest way to explore all of this site's sub-sections is to click on 'Topics'. That toggles the full list of subsections open and closed)

Pretty much the same response as Chris, although I went to a CofE primary school and witnessed the indoctrination first hand.
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"(I'm a militant atheist, having joined anti-Christian demonstrations outside churches). ""
That sounds interesting, what was that about then?
My mate recently suggested that I get a job as a 'Jehovahs Witnness repellent'
as they no longer come to my door due to my refuting their arguements. Once they know that I have a good knowledge of the bible, christianity and religion in general they **** off.
i choose to be a christian, and i dont feel my lack of reason requires challenging !
Question Author
are you a nominal christian (one who chooses to identfy with the christian faith without really knowing anything about the bible etc) or one who really believes in everything the bible really has to say?
There is a world of difference.
Not sure why people's beliefs, if they don't include things that hurt other people, NEED to be challenged?
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because woofgang, the beliefs of others affect other people. (bishops in the house of lords etc)
Also because brainwashing young people into believing in a load of twaddle is psychological child abuse, which is just as harmful as physical and sexual abuse. (I wonder how many people would believe in religion if it was illegal to introduce them to the concept before the age of 18? I suspect not many!)
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also woofgang, if I want to see Jerry Springer the Opera, then I ought to see it without the interference of religionists telling me what I can and cant watch.
I think you should respect other people's feelings concerning their beliefs. The last thing Christians or people of any faith need is a militant anti-religionist demonstrators crowding the faithful outside their churches/temples. We have enough with militiant fanatical Islamic extremists atm, and it's my guess you don't stand outside their mosques demonstrating for long Chris. You'll only choose the peaceful religious movements.
I do agree that people should be free to do as they wish within the law, be they atheist, agnostic or religious, and barking maniacs of ANY persuasion are a pain to those not in accord with them, but do you all not think the way forward is tolerance rather than a head on assault because in my experience if people find something dear to them attacked, however misguided they are, they will respond with zeal and vitriol.
Age can have an important bearing on belief. I can remember rebelling against a strong C of E childhood but now, in my dotage, a natural theology has replaced agnosticism, probably because the brain has started softening lol.
I would say that you haven't read my post properly. Stopping you watch Jerry Springer (although why you would want to) comes under beliefs that hurt others. Not sure that bishops in the house of Lords is worse that the looney views of any of the other unelected members.

I'm a producer for Channel 4 and looking for someone who has turned away from religion. I'd like to talk to them specifically about saints as well as their own personal journey. If that's you then please get in touch [email protected]

Thank you,


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ex christian

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