Why, in this age of climate change etc.

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Booldawg | 21:19 Wed 31st Mar 2010 | Society & Culture
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Do McDonalds and Burger King still give away ridiculous plastic toys with every kids meal? These pointless articles of pointlessness are only destined for land fill sites within days of leaving the restaurant.

The Government is keen to tackle the 'man in the street' (there he is again!) over climate change but turns a blind eye to industry and commerce.


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I don't think that banning McDonalds plastic toys is going to save the planet

The big problems are in transport and electricity generation.

Look at electricity use in the production of say aluminium or glass, look at what is burnt by the shipping companies

I think your point is a good one - especially given the tax breaks on things like aircraft fuel but concentrating on little plastic figures misses the point.

I think the real answer to your question is that the man in the street is not likely to up sticks and move himself and jobs to a less responsible localtion as businesses are in this gloablised world.

Any government will therefore argue that controls have to be impose internationally so that one country doesn't try to sell out all the others .

This is why international agreements like Kyoto and Copenhagen are so important
I think it's a marketing strategy. Kids love toys; it's one way to lure the parents and kids to buy their products.
The thing is the government is slowly eroding the vices we have remaining through taxation and legislation.
My kids enjoy having a plastic toy when I treat them. Why should they lose this present because of a scientific theory that a large portion of the population don't agree with anyway. I'm already paying fuel duty and road tax to drive to McDonalds, and VAT on the certain items of the food so why should I also have to submit to this.
I dare say the "food" in these places is responsible for more greenhouse gas than the plastic toy.
i dont go to macdonalds cos its full of kids

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Why, in this age of climate change etc.

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