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What do you think of travellers?

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AB Editor | 01:00 Sun 16th Dec 2007 | Society & Culture
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A couple's lives have been made a misery by travellers who set up camp next door to their home. Abuse they suffered included death threats and gun shots. What do you think of �travellers� and how the police/council handles them?

  • Travellers cause unnecessary fear and mess, they are a burden on society who pay for their healthcare and their messes to be cleared. The council, police and government don't do enough. - 417 votes
  • 58%
  • We should follow examples of other countries and remove them completely or force them to work and make a valid contribution to society. - 157 votes
  • 22%
  • The police do as much as they can against these sorts of people. They are bound by laws which prevent them from doing what they know they need to. - 102 votes
  • 14%
  • The police/council are scared of these travellers hence their reluctance to take people's claims about them seriously. - 46 votes
  • 6%

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What do you think of travellers?

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