Perserverance & Patience.

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MWB | 06:51 Mon 08th Sep 2008 | Society & Culture
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I was told today that I had great patience & perserverance.
Same thing surely?


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the dictionary definition of (perseverance) is 'determined continuation with something. Steady and continued action.
Definition of (patience) is the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset.
Both admirable! xxx
In certain circumstances, they are synonymous, as you suggest, MWB, but in others they are not interchangeable. For instance, you might say, "He bore his illness with great patience", whereas you would never say, "He bore his illness with great perseverance."
Such apparent synonyms usually have different usages. Royal and regal technically mean exactly the same thing, but no one refers to 'the Regal Family'.
I think it meant that you not only have patience but perseverance to be like that for longer period of times. In simple words you would not say.

Ohhh stop it I had enough.

But take other�s words more seriously as English is not my first language.
Generally speaking (and I know there are exceptions) patience is a passive thing. If the bus is taking a long time to come and you are refusing to get uptight about it you are showing patience.
Perseverance is usually active. If, having failed for the sixth time to put together a piece of flat-pack fiurniture, you nevertheless attempt it for a seventh time you are showing perseverance.
patience: Waiting for answerbank to get fixed.

perserverance: Logging in one more time for a gander.
Perseverance often comes with patience but you can certainly get perseverent people who are highly impatient and translate it into more vigorous perseverance
Perserverece means tenacity surely - a bloody minded doggedness to keep trying until you succeed.

Patience is the ability to wait it out without the need to rush things. I think ...

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Perserverance & Patience.

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