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Where did it all go wrong

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itsmefolks | 13:51 Mon 12th May 2008 | Society & Culture
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Why have we become a greedy, selfish society. We used to be a country that others looked up to. Our profile abroad is often a very bad one. I know that things changed and we don't want to go back to the workhouse situation, and pre health and social services. However it seems to me as we become wealthier healthier country. We also become a very greedy, selfish society. We want to get there first, we want more and more, we want flat screen something ready Tvs even if we don't understand what it is, we want it!! We require the latest of everything then throw it away as a newer one comes on stream. Is it me, or are we losing a grip on normality? My children were brought up to respect and love nature. My Daughter once said to me as we were walking in the countryside "look at all this daddy isn't it beautiful, and its all free" She was 5 years old at the time. Why have we become a very materialistic society? Where will it all end?? Is it me? Or have I just become a grumpy old man?? Ps I do realise that I am generalising, and there are some very caring sharing people out there. Regards.


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4th of May 1979?
1st May 1997??
Or possibly 26th Feb 1900......
Yup, that'll be the day we threw it all away..... if 'WE' as a democratic population choose to oust Gordon Brown from his post before he has to call an election date i'm afraid that will be the sign for me to quit this green and not so pleasant island, not because i'm a supporter but because the country is in enough of a mess without press and media fed hysteria adding to the problem, they have already done enough damage......
Independance for Scotland !!!!
I know where you're coming from and it's quote sad isn't it.

Summer holidays during my childhood was spent out all day long, catchng tadpoles and waching them grow back legs before poppng their clogs (never did work out why they only ever got that far!), playing on tree swings etc. Even if it was raining, we were indoors playing board games, playing with mum's make up (much to her chagrin!) etc.

Today, it seems to me that if it's not electronic then it's not interesting.

I don't remember watching a lot of TV when I was young, but then I don't remember there being hundreds of channels to choose from either. Kids TV was between 3.30 and 5pm and that was that.

I'm not condoning technology, but one day I hope to have children and no matter what, I will be encouraging them to play outside rather than play make belief on the Playstation.
(oust Gordon Brown from his post before he has to call an election date )
i thought it was blair that we voted for ?
Did you vote for Blair puss?

Do you live in Sedgefield?

As they say on that Building society ad

"It doesn't work like that"

You'd be wanting a President and a constitution then.
Sorry it's a monarchy - we're subjects and we don't get a say in the head or state or the prime-minister.

Maybe on reflection it went wrong in 1660 when some bright spark said - "hey what we really need is another King!"

Well, as a democratic population we voted in New Labour, Tony was just the man at the helm at the time.
Regardless who was in charge back then it was a forgone conclusion that the end of the Tory regime was imminent, remeber all the sleaze headlines?
The Labour party have the choice who leads them not us. They have charged Gordon with the responsibilities of taking over the mess that the Blair era has left behind. He seems to be taking the flak for everything that has gone wrong with the policies proposed and executed before his party voted him in charge.
All i'm saying is give the guy a chance to get things back on a level keel, if he can't do it by the time the next General Election is due then we will be right to vote his party out of office but to be honest I can'nt see any real better alternative options. Hence my original statement that if we allow the media hysteria to oust him before an election date then i'm getting out of here.... this country is quickly sliding down the pan......................................
itsmefolks, I agree with you 100%, which makes me a grumpy old woman!! People have more and more these days and are still not contented.
Unfortunately many people nowadays dont know what it is like to have to save hard for things like TV, washing machine, hoover etc. It has been far too easy for far too long to be able to own these things "today" because of easy credit . There is so much out there to tempt people nowadays and years ago there was very little choice anyway, but people have not resisted the temptation to chuck out and buy new simply because its the latest thing.
I used to work in a charity shop and the things thrown out are simply unbelievable. Brand new with the tags still on and after christmas it always amazed me to see the amount of gifts in the boxes untouched containing all types of toiletries. So I can only assume it is easy come easy go.

Where Gordon brown is concerned he is reaping the rewards of his "prudence" as he called it. Why then after all this "prudence"is there nothing left in the pot for a rainy day? He will certainly not suffer whether or not he keeps his job, but many of us will for a long time I am afraid.
The current financial climate is not of the Government's making.

We have a credit crisis, we have an escallation in the price of food and a huge hike in oil and energy demands due to increasing competition for supplies from developing countries.

If Blair had been defeated and Howard had been elected we'd all be blaming him now!

This "should have put aside for a rainy day" is nonsense that's just spin from the Tory party.

The last time they were in charge there were two recessions, interest rates were sky high and they were borrowing money pretty much throughout.

None of this though really relates to the question of when we became so selfish.

I stand behind my original contention, the Thatcher revolution was all about individualism and consumerism.

But don't knock it too hard it's been the spending that kept the economy healthy for so long.

Ideally you want to be saving and prudent whilst everybody else is borrowing and spending to keep the economy buzzing
Question Author
Thanks for the input everyone. Some very interesting answers, mostly political!
Obviously politics does have a great deal to do with it. But does anyone honestly think that any government in this country, can now change things as they are today?? I mean attitudes and behaviours are set in stone today, are they not?
Our fore fathers gave there lives for us to live in a democracy. Perhaps that may be where we went wrong?
In my opinion many individuals are unable to manage themselves in todays society. Many people don�t understand that you have to earn your way in this materialistic country. I feel too many people have it too easy today and expect everything provided for them, often without contributing themselves. I myself spent 25 years running my own business, working 6 days a week 14 hours a day to keep it going, rather than be defeated through 2 recessions in that time. Many people have it too easy today often off the backs of others.
Regards itsmefolks.

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Where did it all go wrong

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