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Kettering Vape Shops

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StyleMonkey | 13:10 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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Over the years, we have lost some great high street stores and other small local businesses have come and gone with no success, apart from a couple such as The Bean Hive. 

However, despite losing much-loved high street stores and some great independent businesses, the three "vape" shops, which appear to sell only acrylic bongs and Pringles have managed to pop up and afford the rent! 

I wonder how long these will last, as I have not seen one person in either of the three stores.

Is it just a front for something more sinister? 



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More sinister that seeing laws being made to tackle smoking and cynically jumping in to immorally fill the gap with a product not yet outlawed but just as unsociable ? Dregs the lot of them.

Acrylic bongs and Pringles? That's a bit odd.

It may be something like what's been going on in Oxford Street with the sweet shop money laundering operations:

We've got the vape shops with the added bonus of Turkish barbers.  In our very small high street we have 5 hairdressers and 6 barbers. 

Question Author

Kettering is known for charity shops, coffee shops and 'nail bars'. Now three new "bong" shops... Heaven forbid. It must be a front for illegal activity because I do not see how they get foot traffic let alone sales to justify their existence. 

One on Silver Street.
One on Gold Steet.
One on the High Street near the Clock Tower.

These are all prime positions. 

We have a large home brew shop in our locality that has very little foot traffic.  We know the owner very well and the majority of his business is online, I don't know if vape shops operate in the same way.

Question Author

That would be understandable if they didn't have three stores. They are so close together as well. 

I think the real question is why are councils allowing such a high number of similar shops in a small area?

Councils don't have control over the type of shop. If they are retail, they are retail and that's it.

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Kettering Vape Shops

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