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Chemists Giving Treatment

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kenny1234 | 20:18 Wed 31st Jan 2024 | Society & Culture
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At present I tick a box on a prescription to state that I am over 65. and therefore don't need to pay.---how will this work if I want treatment for one of the SEVEN conditions that chemists can give relief for(not having a prescription).



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bothered qith the bureaucracy I mean - I just paid for it - notnicesmartarse!

But apparently Chris thevpharmacists are not happy.  I watched a programme on TV the other day where this was discussed.  

This report was last year before this new system.

Apparently they are already experiencing major problems with staffing, long queues and finances.  Drug prices have increased dramatically, but pharmasists they are still getting the same NHS subsidies.  Also many small pharmacies are having to find room for a private consulting room.  Many pharmacies have closed.  


Posted before I went back to edit!


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Chemists Giving Treatment

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