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Where Did It Go?

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NoseyNose | 01:07 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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I answered a post about "were you ever in a demonstration?"

Now I can't find it ( I am probably not looking in the right place),

has it been deleted?

Can you help me find it.



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If about protests, it's in CB.

Is that the thousand year 'g'?

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Thanks,I thought it was a perfectly legitimate question.

Who knows just where it went?

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Thank You,I shall head there now!

"Who knows just where it went?"

You know...

And now you know you were wrong, JimF

Click on your profile, then on Answers - that gives you a list of posts that you've answered.

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Thank You Tuvok,

That is just what I needed,but being a newbie,I didn't know where to find it!

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Where Did It Go?

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