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What Is Something Acceptable In Women But Frowned Upon In Men?

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Salty80 | 11:19 Sat 24th Dec 2022 | Society & Culture
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Just wondering?


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Complimenting another woman on the boob job.
So these repetitive questions are just being taken from other sites which reinforces my thoughts that we are all being taken for mugs with the continued nonsense being asked by certain 'ABers' and most likely the spam posts too.

I think the term used elsewhere is clickbait!
Going off to the loo in pairs in restaurants etc !
True Lankeela
Drinking Babycham
Carrying a diamante trimmed handbag
Wearing a wig / dyeing hair
Does Babycham still exist. I never did drink it!
I think dying hair is found quite acceptable in men now. Loads of men dye their hair these days or have highlights.

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What Is Something Acceptable In Women But Frowned Upon In Men?

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