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Ellipsis | 18:26 Sat 14th May 2022 | Society & Culture
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I'm sitting here watching the FA Cup final, which is plastered with ads for the main sponsor, Emirates.

Emirates is one of the very few airlines still operating in Russia. Although they're still operating in Russia, they've suspended flights to Ukraine for some reason.

Given their amoral (at best) stance, would you fly Emirates in future?


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no, if I want to get from the O2 to Excel, I'm going to swim.
15:43 Mon 16th May 2022
Massive amounts of Russians go to Dubai on holiday. They probably don't want to lose the custom.
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But will they lose your custom? Even if you've never flown with them, and currently have no plans to fly with them, would you ever fly with them in future given their choices over Ukraine now?
Nobody in their right mind would fly to Ukraine as their airspace is not safe.
I've flown with them before and would again.
Excellent carrier.
Excellent Airline, have used them on many occasions.
Attractive uniform for cabin staff.
Lingerie Sqad?
No thanks 1ozzy, I am trying to leave them off -;)
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> Attractive uniform for cabin staff

Glad to see you've got your priorities straight, sqad!

So nobody (who's responded) would stop using a company simply because that company continued to operate in Russia. Makes you wonder why McDonald's has said it will permanently leave Russia after more than 30 years.
no, if I want to get from the O2 to Excel, I'm going to swim.
I believe there was an article saying that many of the people flying out of Russia arent going back especially the younger ones.
If a young Russian arrived in the UK and claimed political asylum what would be their chances of finding sanctuary?
he'd be instantly suspected of being a Putin hit man, I fear
Depending on how much cash they had trousered before they left they may find a sponsor in the Westminster area.

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