What Would Be An Example Of What Would Make Someone Seem Shady?

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Evan2020 | 01:29 Tue 19th Oct 2021 | Society & Culture
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So I know that if someone is shady, it means that it is difficult to figure out much about their intentions or human character, but you suspect they are dishonest, a criminal or up to no good, so like what is an example of some signs that could hint that they are shady as in hard to figure out but likely up to no good?


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Carrying more than one mobile phone is often an indicator that someone is involved in crime. Drug dealers usually have several phones but dodgy tradesmen sometimes use 'burner' phones too, so that they can accept work, and take money upfront for it, but then vanish without trace without doing any work.

People who insist upon receiving cash payments for work done, rather than accepting cheques or cards, are probably failing to pay Income Tax or VAT on it.

Someone who repeatedly walks up and down the same road, without any obvious purpose, could be 'casing' a property for a potential burglary or looking for a 'target' for a mugging or sexual assault.

Ostentatious displays of wealth, without an obvious means of having come by it legally, might lead to a person being perceived as 'potentially shady'. (Think Hushpuppi here!).

Being over-generous might result in people starting to question the motives for such generosity. e.g. a guy who offers women from developing countries secure, well-paid work and good housing if they agree to come to the UK might actually be involved in sex trafficking. Similarly, a guy who buys loads of gifts for the single mum who's only just moved in next door and also for her young child might be a predatory paedophile.

Sometimes a guy who simply 'talks himself up' and brags all the time can come across as 'potentially shady'. (Think of a stereotypical second hand car salesman here, such as Boycie in Only Falls and Horses).
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All very good examples thank you Buenchico.

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What Would Be An Example Of What Would Make Someone Seem Shady?

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