What Age Is It Kind Of Weird To Have Never Been Kissed?

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Jack8991 | 21:31 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | Society & Culture
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23 year old male from the UK here. Ok so I’ll describe myself so you get a better picture of me. I’m 5ft 11, muscular build from years of weight lifting and am a teacher. Yet I have never had any kind of physical contact with a female, not held hands, nor hugged, nor kissed and obviously not sex. I know people say the same old ‘it doesn’t matter what age’ ‘you’ll find someone one day’ etc, but in reality, when does it start to become, well you know....a little strange to have never even hugged a female? I’ve been on numerous dating apps but struggle to get any matches at all. Thanks


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There is no number that suddenly makes this strange.

Continue to widen your circle of friends and places where you can meet like minded people and let friendships grow.
At no age at all.

You are a unique individual, and not subject to some arbitrary measuring system of what should happen to you by when.

As a teacher, I am sure you are intelligent and self-aware enough to know that.
Might I suggest a discreet sex worker. One of the higher class escort ladies. Give it a thought.
Dating apps? Why rely on those? Do you never meet anyone in normal life, face to face - say, at the gym, or at work - and ask them out for a drink? That's a beginning ...
Oh, I see. Thanks mamyalynne.

Perhaps the way to go, jack, is to get help to build your confidence. Your doctor could probably point you in the direction of reputable help.

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What Age Is It Kind Of Weird To Have Never Been Kissed?

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