Friends Ot Titania Mcgrath...

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vetuste_ennemi | 15:28 Wed 18th Sep 2019 | Society & Culture
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Link not working
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It don't get any better, does it?
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Hey, Baldri, I fancy the one on the right. You can have the other other one.
She needs a warmer vest on now the nights are drawing in.
Is this thread about the photo of Titania?

@ 1532
No problem with that ;o)
Quite an amusing read.
I was only being friendly Spath.
This is of course Satire at its very best...just in case anyone thought she was being serious.
I'm quite confused.. About the article and the person..

But i feel this was only posted so V_E can gorp at a half dressed woman.

Mamy I think your comment was bang on with the theme of the thread :D
No tish, Sherlock:-/
Question Author
//But i feel this was only posted so V_E can gorp at a half dressed woman//

You're a one, Spath.
-- answer removed --
Where's your half dressed woman, spath?
I don't do things half arsed.

All the way or not at all.
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Hey, Spath, I'm trying to get you up to speed, mate. But it just ain't working.
Did she really just list Lily Allen with Rosa Parks and Gandhi?
Spath, Titania Mcgrath is a well known fictional persona created by a comedian, not a real person.

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Friends Ot Titania Mcgrath...

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