What Odd Stories Do You Have To Tell?

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naomi24 | 10:28 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Society & Culture
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I’ve asked this question before, but a long time ago, so just for a bit of fun I’ll ask it again.

Contestants on ‘Only Connect’ always have a quirky little tale to tell about themselves, so if you were taking part, what would your story be?

Me? In the footsteps of the biblical Moses and his band of Israelites, I was once led across the Sinai desert .... by a man named Moses.


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Do any of these count . . . ? I've mentioned several times before on AB that I once lost a train. (It was on Platform 1 when the branch line was closed for emergency engineering work but then, several hours later after the line had been repaired, I put out a PA announcement inviting passengers to board the train on Platform 1, it had vanished!) A conference speech I...
11:03 Tue 08th Jan 2019
I was contracted to cut the pasture at the site of the first automatic level crossing in the UK.

Have you got round to cutting it yet?
I was going to intimate that but I'm a Gent ;-)
"Have you got round to cutting it yet?"

It's more rectangular than round.
An important job wouldn't you know. If the hedge / grass gets too tall, then it obstructs vision from the road.

I know there are barriers and a light, but having a visual of a big ol train coming along the field helps.
Sulking about the camels - best offer here was a ferret and a piece of knotted string.

Spath, please tell me that's how you really chose your name ;-)
Question Author
Zacs will console you, ummmm. He appreciates a real wench. ;o)
"Spath, please tell me that's how you really chose your name ;-)"

It seems i've slipped a few too many details ;)
Could be.
there are a few reasons for the username Mamy :)
Once in an queue to check in at airport, we were given labels to fill in and attach to suitcases. Bloke behind asked if he could borrow my pen when I finished and he stood there watching everything I wrote. Gave him the pen and watched him, when i noticed he had put down the same surname. I said "you've gotta put your own surname there" he replied that is my surname. It only turned out to be my OH's lost cousin.
Ummmm.. I was doing some research for a project on Serial Killers whilst at University and so I visited him in Broadmoor..
I once had a handshake with Muhammad Ali, yes the Muhammad Ali, if that counts.
I've hidden a gay's wardrobe.

The Who, Why, What and When of this? Well, when I was seventeen I was invited back for a coffee by a young (male) nurse I'd met in a Liverpool pub. He was renting a room in a large suburban house...

...but as Best Answr has already been awarded there's no point continuing with the rest of the story, is there?
Do continue, V_E
Must be a strong guy to hide a gay’s wardrobe.
(He can't help himself even on a humerous thread, can he?)
Oops - humorous
Just repeating what the OP wrote, is all.
Question Author
v_e, come on! I can't believe that meaningless accolades are important to any intelligent human being... but that said, even though you are late on parade (I assumed this thread was dead) there is a point in continuing. It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind - or so 'they' say. Try me.

Keyplus, Oh boy! That counts! I'm impressed. How, where, why? ......
//Do continue, V_E//

Nuff said, CloverJo, but to say your poster managed to escape virgo intactus.

Naomi, my aspiring seducer did raise a couple of Biblical questions. He mentioned that Genesis says that God "walked" with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and asked me if this walking thing was going on before God created Eve. He also mentioned (as they always do) the description of John as "the disciple whom Jesus loved".

Remember all this with great amusement - mainly at my own naivety at the time. In fairness to him the gay guy was in no way threatening or coercive and accepted with good grace that he hadn't scored on this occasion.

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