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So Much War In This World, What Will Happen In Future

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dieseldick | 11:33 Sun 20th Jul 2014 | Society & Culture
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cant help but notice all around us there is conflict and war. yes there allways has been war , i missed ww1 ww2 , i lived through falklands, gulf wars and it didnt affect me or my family life but i get nervous to think that there is going to be a war coming with russia over this ukraine situation now .

we also have the middle east and israel conflict growing. arab spring , isis .

what do you think we will be facing in the near future ?


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Nobody can afford to be complacent and threats seem to be growing but I dont feel a WW3 is on the horizon...
Question Author
something major bound to happen out of all this, is it just me or can anyone else sense it ?
I hope it doesn't come to that.
There has always been wars, and there always will be.

The "problem" is that nowadays with world wide news, social media etc we hear about EVERYHING going on in the world when often it does not effect us.

So if you stop watching the news for a few days, stop reading the news web sites, and go outside and see the sunshine around you, you will realise that life will go on.

Sometimes the news media think the word "bad" should always go in front of the world "news", so they only report bad news.
Question Author
VHG, i do not agree with you, sorry. seems like you bury your head in the sand and are ignorant about what is going on around you. i mean would you have went out and seen the sunshine and thought what a wonderfull day in 1940 when hitler was gassing millions of children to death ?
Future is bad, very very bad.
Keyplus, what do you think will happen?
I'm sure I still have the 'Protect and Survive' leaflet that came through the door around 1982 somewhere. Came across it last week when I was looking for the car keys. Think I should be stocking up on tins of beans and corned beef.

I see more of the same - small scale conflicts. There are no ideological contrasts between the superpowers any more and the oligarchs and kleptocrats on either side don't want their real estate being smashed up. By mutual agreement, this will not happen.*

After not paying troops' salaries for over 6 months, I'm surpised their wasn't a revolt in Russia, a few years back.

* I say this in hope, rather than as a point of fact!

When you meditate about the future, include the Bible in your reasoning because it can bring into view your future events you may not realize are before you.(Luke 21:28)
I thnk keyplus90 is correct. What with what's happening in the ME and now Russia the world is going to hell in a hand cart!

lol goodlife, no offence but that could apply to any situation
Zoe @ True ,that the difference to having true Faith.
>>> seems like you bury your head in the sand

No I don't. You don't know me so don't make assumptions about what I do and don't do. I watch the news and keep up to date with world affairs.

But I am saying YOU have two choices,

1) You can sit in your house and watch every bit of bad news and then spend all day and night worrying about it (when you cant actually DO anything about it except worry)

2) Or watch the news, but then go outside and enjoy the day and realise that most of time life in this country is pretty good.

Yes there is bad news in the world, but for thousands of years people knew little beyond what went on in their street. Nowadays we know TOO much.

We don't need to know it all, and if we do then we get like you and spend all our time worrying about it.

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So Much War In This World, What Will Happen In Future

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