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Grrr - Some Dog Owners!

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joko | 14:19 Sun 01st Sep 2013 | Society & Culture
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I have just had another infuriating encounter with an idiot dog owner.

I was outside talking to my friend, when a dog came bounding up to me and jumped up at me over and over.
I backed away and looked at the owner as if to say 'Er do you mind?' and she just looked at the dog with an inane smile.
I have no idea why she just stopped beside us.

I pushed the dog away with my leg, and said "Can you take your dog away from me please? I am allergic"
She said "Oh its ok, hes only being friendly, he wont hurt you"
"Yes but i don't want him jumping all over me",
'"But hes ok he won't hurt you"
"yes but i am allergic to dogs and don't want fur and muddy paws all over me! Take him away from me".
"But he wont hurt you! He's playing!"
shouting now - "GET YOUR BLOODY DOG AWAY FROM ME BEFORE I KICK HIM AWAY!" - (I wouldn't have of course but she was really pissing me off - I'd have kicked her before I kicked a dog)

She looks at me finally realising I am not happy, and says "come on, lets go, the nasty lady doesn't like dogs" and stormed off!

Arrgh! I DO like dogs! I am just allergic to them so cannot touch them and don't want fur on my clothes!
Why do so many think that just because they love their dog doesn't mean everyone else does and they can do what they want to other people!

I know many people like to pet others dogs but as soon as the person does not bend down or act excited to see the dog they should pull them away!
Look at the persons face to see whether its ok, not the dog.

another time a woman just stood there shouting 'come on, come on', to the dog, but letting the dog jump on my legs and making no attempt to pull it away with the lead - the lead was slack.
it was only a small dog and would have been no trouble to control.

I have had dogs run into my house, and into my car and the owners just watch!

Why do so many dog owners seem oblivious to other peoples discomfort at their dogs behaviour?

I'd love to be able to play with and cuddle dogs - and cats - but I can't, doesn't make me not like them!

I used to have two cats - I had constant sore throat, itchy eyes, eczema, and ended up with a varicous vein in my nose through the constant nose blowing, that had to be cauterised in the end because it bled so much.
But we had those cats til they died 18 years later... because you put up with it, don't you, if its something you love - as Mrs Warbuoys said.



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Very inconsiderate owners. Sometimes similar to friends i have with small children, who look on adoringly while they trash someone else's house! Glad you blame the owner and not the dog ;-)
The ones I used to really hate were the ones, usually little terrier things,that would run up and yap at Max while the owner stood there with a silly grin saying things like he only wants to play.Max would sit there patiently waiting for them to go away. I swear some times he'd look at me as if to say please dad can I eat him.The thing is its a problem that's easily cured with a little bit of training and socialisation as a pup
What you describe is a cultural thing in the UK, something akin to political correctness and other forms of social conditioning - you are widely expected to enthuse at least as much as if it had been the owner's child. Had you said you don't like dogs per se (without any murderous or other form of ill intent) there would be no shortage of responses here critical of your stance. Had the pet been a common rat then you would have had the courage to state, without qualification, a different form of dislike even though in principle there is no great difference between the two - except for the social conditioning and acceptance of one over the other - and the list of those expressing sympathy with you might have become as long. For a comparison of the two species, ask those who are closely familiar with the health implications of close contact with them as pets that are kept within dwellings.
Question Author
I agree on social conditioning - if someone doesn't like dogs because they're scared people accept that, but if it because they simply don't like them , people are shocked.

rats also can make great pets and are no different really from having guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, ferrets etc..but the link to sewer rats will always put some off.
Pixie, I totally agree with you.

Totally unacceptable behaviour imo, from both the dog and owner.

Our dogs are normally loose when away from traffic, but know not to bother
people or other dogs, and we would not allow them to do so in any case.
It takes a little effort but good behaviour can be taught and maintained.
I usually find it's the smaller dogs that are the biggest problems, the owners seem totally oblivious to the need for any discipline and normally get 'grumpy' when politely asked to control their animals.
Question Author
i have a friend who has dogs and cats and now i just never go round to her house any more, sick of the constant battle with the dogs to leave me alone - she says i have to just shout at them, and i do - but i shouldn't have to constantly.
the cats will get on the table and try to eat from my plate!
i move seats, push them away etc etc ... and she does nothing!

i also have to take my clothes off at the front door when i get home, and bag them for washing, so i dont get fur in the house.

its worse when they have pooed in her yard and got it on their paws and then jump up on me ...
I have got two dogs and a very very good friend who hates dogs. When she visits, either the dogs sit in the car or we go to her house or go out somewhere. I would never ever allow my dogs to annoy other people either in my house or outside and I think that people who do give all dog owners a bad name.
I dislike kids, I think they are noisy sticky unpleasant monsters, so i understand how people feel about dogs. joko I am afraid that if your friend was my friend, I would be ending that friendship pretty quick. Friends are considerate of each other.
PS i am totally unshocked if people don't like my pets.
People just seem to lack consideration and manners these days, no matter what.
But this is just total disrespect for others to let their dog behave this way without so much as a hint of control over their animal. I love dogs and if my dog had behave towards someone in this way I would be embarrassed and horrified. I dislike kids too Woofgang but everyone who has kids expects me to love them like they do no matter what. Grrrrr...there are a lot of grrrrs about this site today. I have a friend who lets her dogs clamber all over their new leather furniture, and when I visit I really cant wear nice clothes as I dont want them stinky and spoilt, but its her house and she can do as she pleases, if I dont like I dont have to go round, I love dogs but I would never let a dog sleep on my bed or sofa, its just unhygienic.
If someone says they don't like my little dog thats fine and he would be put out of the way somewhere. No need to inflict his unwanted attention on someone really, and he'll cope just fine with a snooze in his bed.

Like pixie, I get more annoyed with house trashing kids, and often they are intent on breaking my girls toys. All we seem to get is a wry smile and a 'oh he's such a boy' or 'she's such a little madam". I correct them by saying "such a brat".

Some people are rude and can't cope with rejection of their angels.
Jump allover the dog owner and see if they think that is fine.
Dogs are disgusting filthy creatures. Owners who refuse to control them are idiots. No exceptions.
well Beso - I keep my dog very clean and I wash his privates every day - maybe I am one of the few but he is spotless. When he comes in from his walk I clean him down and again his privates. He has his own cloth etc. Conne
Also his poo is lifted right away in back yard. Then I hose yard. We are all not the same. Conne
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People are idiots sometimes :)
Jordy, Beso is only saying that if you don't control your animal then you're an idiot. I think you'd supply similar sentiment if you saw someone who couldn't control their pet - it's worrying as accidents can happen and it'll be the dog which suffers ultimately.
^ ^ ^ and filthy creatures
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Grrr - Some Dog Owners!

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