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How Should A Junior Girl Ask Out A Semi-Shy Junior Boy?

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DesandLay | 01:26 Wed 12th Jun 2013 | Society & Culture
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. . . So I'm into this guy in my foreign language class, and now that the school year's ending, I want to ask him out---or at least suggest it (without actually SUGGESTING it) so that he asks me. We're both juniors in high school, btw!

Here's a little background information:
. . . In our class participation is highly encouraged to practice speaking Spanish, and the two students who participate the most in class are him and I. We used to sit at opposite ends of the class---our teacher purposely did that because we talk too much---and whenever there'd be something funny or fascinating happening during class, I noticed he would always look at me/we would make eye contact, as if we were laughing with each other. I didn't think too much of it then.
. . . Last week we were given the option to choose our seats for the rest of the school year since there's only a few weeks left. The guy chose the seat right next to mine, and now we can talk to each other more easily. For the last week and a half we've been watching a lot of episodes from a spanish soap opera in class, and every time something funny happens he would laugh and make eye contact with me, holding it for a few seconds.

. . . Now, I don't know if I'm reading too much into it, but I think he may be interested in me. I feel like the way he acts in class sort of gives it away that he likes me, but I also don't want to be wrong, you know? Outside of class he's never really made an effort to speak to me, unless we were both already somewhere (like if we see each other on campus or are at a school event). But even at those times, it's just small talk.

. . . We're both into the same things. We both like a lot of the same bands, and we have the same favorite shows/movies. We have the same kind of personality too. We get each other's sense of humor, which a lot of other people don't. He's in a band and I'm a musician, so we both appreciate good music. We also dress pretty similar (like guy/girl versions of each other). But we're not too much the same that it would start to get boring.... So now all I'm thinking is, like, "match-made-in-heaven", you know? LOL jk. I think we'd just be really good together.

. . . Anyways, he has an outgoing personality (so do I), but when it comes to girls I know he's more on the shy side (as am I when it comes to boys). Also, I have been told by multiple people that he may be intimidated by me and afraid of asking me out because---and I don't mean to be conceited---I am out of his league. They say that I'm much more attractive than him, so he probably assumes I'm just not interested.

. . . I really don't know what to do because I would really like to hangout with him sometime alone so that we could have an actual conversation, but I don't know how to propose the idea. I just don't know how to go about it... What would be the right time, the right place? What would I suggest we do on this "date" or "hang" or whatever..
. . . Does he even like me?

. . . Your advice and personal experience would be much appreciated! Thanks so much.


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Couldn't you just ask him to go and have a coffee or whatever you drink nowadays, in Spanish?

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How Should A Junior Girl Ask Out A Semi-Shy Junior Boy?

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