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Handome Serial Killers ...

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joko | 11:51 Sun 19th May 2013 | Society & Culture
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just curious about what others think on this really - there is a girl on my facebook who sometimes posts pics of serial killers and says she fancies them - i mean actually has a bit of a crush on them.

(i know this girl just thinks shes being cool and trying to shock and get a reaction -she is a bit like that in everything she does - bolshy, challenging, confrontational etc, but whatever, she is entitled to say what she likes - its not important in this question)

now, i can see that physically, serial killers are the same as any other person and can of course be attractive and handsome - ted bundy was often noted as being handsome - and in fact his looks were integral to his method of killing.

and i can see the handsomeness of others like jeffery dalmer and richard ramirez etc

(she has a particular liking for dylan kleibold - the columbine shooter - which i don't understand - i think he is very ugly, but each to their own)

but its the reactions from some that interest me - some think it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a serial killer attractive - because they are a killer.

even when asked to try to look at their face - and think as if you had no idea what they'd done - would you think they're handsome - and some said no, its impossible ... this makes no sense to me.

having a nice face doesn't change by your actions.

others are horrified that she could even think such a thing

and other are offended that she would say it publicly

others agree with her - and say a handsome face is a handsome face - no matter what the owner has done

i am not talking about the 'psycho' look some have in their eyes, or the sinister glare etc in some photos - i mean when they are smiling and looking normal

some may develop and mean expression over time - but a 20 year old wont have that.

so what do you think? can you be objective and view a handsome man as a handsome man or cant you get past his actions?

(this question is not about her or her shock tactics - they're irrelevant)




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I think there is confusion here between the feeling of attraction and making a judgement on the beuty or not of someone's face.
I can look at a a poisonous plant and acknowledge that it has pretty flowers.
If people just looked at the face and didn't know what the person had done, then they might be able to judge the attractiveness of the face. At this stage they might also feel attraction, but as its only an image, the attraction would be very superficial. Once they know what the person has done it would IMO still be possible to make judgements on the evenness of the teeth, the colour of the eyes, the symmetry of the features and so on....but to feel attraction? don't think so.
seriously, could an evil person ever be handsome. I think not ,
objectively annasquith why not? Its like I said about the poisonous flower. Evil doesn't make the eyes less luminous, the teeth less white and even, the bone structure and skin quality less.
But attractive if you know they are evil? then no.
There's a massive difference between saying someone's good looking and actually fancying them.

Does she fancy them because they're nutters? Ya know trying to be rebellious like? and its something to say to someone to guarantee you'll shock 'em?

Well Myra Hindley certainly found Brady very attractive. I'll admit years ago, if any of you remember the Jeremy Bamber case, that I found him particularly, and uncomfortably, good looking.
Many said Ted Bundy was good looking. Neville Heath was also good looking. Not sure what your point is? Strange FB friend? It's good to note, though, that killers come in all shapes and sizes and look just like us!
Yes, I can be objective. If a face is handsome, it's handsome. I remember seeing a documentary about women who fancy killers - and sometimes marry them. I don't understand it at all.
Yes, if you're good looking your good looking... it's nothing to do with your actions.
Men who kill are like every other man looks wise, of course it's possible for them to be both handsome and physically attractive, as you said they often use this as a lure or a weapon. Physical violence on it's own doesn't usually repel most women I don't think otherwise soldiers would not be so universally attractive to a lot of women, because being violent is part of their job where necessary. As such I think a lot of women can probably soothe themselves into the idea that their chosen psycho has an underlying reason or affliction which therefore isn't really his fault. I imagine the ones who marry them think they are helping them or saving them when the world has turned it's back etc etc etc ( which probably says a lot about their neediness themselves.) Occasionally I'm sure it's true. For the most part though I think most intelligent women see the underlying threat and that triggers a natural repulsion once you know they are killers of innocents, but if you didn't know, you'd just judge them on looks and personality alone. I imagine your friend on FB is just attention seeking because she doesn't feel terribly special and this makes her 'different'.
i am pretty sure that these guys and some women who have committed heinous crimes get lots of female, male attention, letters, photo's, and declarations of love, some have even got married to the adoring fan, no i can't say as i get it, but it does happen, and they don't have to be good looking either, perhaps it's the notoriety element
I think its an extremity of the 'the woman love a bad boy'.
women serial killers are no different, there are men who profess love, adoration, it seems perverse, but none the less it happens.

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Handome Serial Killers ...

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