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Fao Cathfromsaron

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Maydup | 00:35 Sun 19th May 2013 | Society & Culture
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Hi - I didn't want to hijack another post but wanted your advice.

My OH is in his 5th week of not smoking but had developed a severe allergy to the patches. His smoking ceasation lady has given him a different brand but they are worse and bring him out in huge blisters.

She has given him what looks like a cigarette holder and some capsules which he can puff on if he needs any nicotine replacement but I'm disappointed she'd offered him that as the puffing habit had been broken.

Any suggestions. He would be on his first week of 7mg patches if they didn't burn and itch so badly. instead he's managing without and rying not to use the puffer.


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Aren't they advertising a spray on the TV recently?
Question Author
thanks craft -i'll suggest that. He's so nearly there now, but just needs something once or twice a day to calm the cravings
I've tried giving up, I managed three months last time which is a breakthrough for me!

I too can't use patches. I have never liked chewing gum, so that was never an option for me. The puffer was great, but it is easy to become addicted to. For those few months, you never saw me without that thing. It's the hand to mouth habit that can be hard to quit.

The spray is awful, I tried, but had projectile vomiting each time I used it.

I'm going to try the lozenges next time. Or go cold turkey. Apparently lozenges are good.
Question Author
Have another try AC. Maybe I'll suggest the lozengers too. But go to GP first as you get everything you need free of charge. Those sprays cost £18! That a lot of fags!
Actually maydup that's about 50 fags...............
well done to him for lasting 4 wks plus. My youngest gave up using a medication from GP. Most important though is motivation and determination. Encouragement, even if aids dont live up to expectations it can be done without. Best of luck, I am an ex smoker, and wish I had never started/ gave up sooner

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