In India, Do Homeless People Carry Id With Them?

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wefouhweofhwefwe | 08:37 Wed 03rd Apr 2013 | Society & Culture
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(1) in India, do homeless people carry ID with them?

(2) can you go outside, and ask some homeless people... do they have ID..?

(3) can you ask women specifically..?


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you've posted this on a lot of other sites today.

why are you asking?
1 No
2 No
3 No

Unless you're:

a. A bit wierd
b. A secret millionaire
c. both
and (d) live in india
No to all three.
why do you want to know.
You never give up, don't you. I admire your determination.
In order:

1. No they don't.
2. If you like. They might tell you to get lost though. Or laugh at you.
3. Again, if you like.

It's quite an odd question. Why are you asking?

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In India, Do Homeless People Carry Id With Them?

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