Kerry Katona - Still Gurning ...why?

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joko | 14:23 Mon 11th Mar 2013 | Society & Culture
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i know people who take, and have taken a fair bit of cocaine - and none them gurn, and roll their jaw the way she does hen speaking - unless they have literally just taken some.

when they are not on it - there is no gurning or jaw rolling and chewing.

when she speaks, it sounds like she is trying very hard to speak clearly and looks like she is rolling her jaw and tongue around in her mouth in a very odd way.
its almost as though her teeth or tongue is loose and shes trying to keep them still

my question is, other than that she is actually secretly still on it, why would this be happening?
as i say, to my knowledge the drug has no lasting effects in that respect and i know of no medication that has that effect

any ideas?

(oh, and i dont really care, i am just curious).



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i asked a question about this the other day (well, her slurring in the advert she's in) and someone replied that she takes bipolar meds that make her like that
Wasn't she like this on This Morning once before? I'm sure it was explained as being something to do with her Bi Polar meds?
I understood it to be because of her bi-polar medication that she is on. That's always been the reason that has been stated in the papers but I have no experience with bi-polar medication so I can't say if that's true or not. :)
Sorry bednobs and knowabit, your replies weren't there when I hit submit! lol

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Kerry Katona - Still Gurning ...why?

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