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Where Do You Stand On This ?

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Bazile | 16:37 Wed 16th Jan 2013 | Society & Culture
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Why are women still judged by what they wear ?

Do you think anything above the ckeeky level is a no no ?***-Artist-sparks-debate-message-skirt-length-send.html


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not all ***'s wear short skirts, nor nuns wear flowing robes, it's a load of cobblers.
w h o r e s. not sure why that was bleeped out.
ckeeky ?

Me wearing a very short dress is inappropriate but an 18 year old girl with long, thin legs would not automatically be 'slutty'.

***/***/asking for it, I find this terms a bit offensive. If you've got the legs, go ahead and wear it, why not.
why should women be labelled in any way, you wear what you wear because you like it, if it's offensive to some, too bad.
The shorter the better on younger women that's what I say. However as they get older they should restrict to showing off their top half or bottom half but not both.
In that case em, I will walk down the street weraing my "all immigrants are scum" T shirt because I like it, if it's offensive to some, too bad.
Squarebear - If you change the slogan slightly to 'I think ...... then you should be ok because you are only voicing your opinion, not trying to state a fact.
square i was really referring to the original post about women and how they are labelled. i wear what i want, and don't give a s&it what people think.
Women of all ages can look good in short skirts, assuming they have the figure and the legs for it. It's not so much about what is worn, but rather how it's worn.

i'm not sure why you imagine a skirt of any length would be 'insulting' or risk a 'breach of the peace' in the way your tee shirt is.
but everyone is judged by what they wear....hoodies, goths, punks, suits, the barbour and wellie brigade.....
but you don't need to, i couldn't care less what people wear, it's up to them.
I don't care for some fashions, including things i have worn looking back, but it's not a big thing at the end of the day.
As the photo is entitled judgements I think the 'artist' is asking a question.
I think women should wear what they look good in. I just wish some didn't wear things because they are fashionable, irrespective of shape, size, etc., just to be trendy. I wear longer skirts now because they are smart and suit me - in my day I wore bumskimmers with thigh high boots (ah, the 60s....)
I think women should wear what they look good in

Me too, boxy but they wear what they 'Think' they look good in .....not the same at all.
i wore hotpants way back when, i wouldn't dream of wearing them now, but do wear shorts in the summer, what summer mind you?
MT, that goes for blokes too, builders bums, fat guts, open necked shirts revealing scraggy necks, or medallions, shades of Peter Stringfellow
come on we can all play that game.
I agree. I'm convinced some don't have full length mirrors - or they only look at their face.
You should only wear short skirts if you are slim and have good legs, everyone else should dress for their shape/size.

Shorts skirts don't automatically turn a woman into a *** though.

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