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British Troops In Afghanistan

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Theland1 | 23:23 Tue 21st Feb 2012 | Society & Culture
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A British soldier serving in Afghanistan recently complained in a T.V. programme that he and his comrades were fighting with one hand tied behind their back. Is there any service men or women who can confirm this and explain the comment?


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My son has been to Iraq 3 times and Afghan twice, and he would wholeheartedly agree. The fact being that the troops have to make sure they don't hit any civilians but the 'enemy' can just fire at will, using women and children as shelds.
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Sasskins - I salute your son, and am disgusted that a British soldiers life should be put at risk by the whims of a politician driving a desk in Whitehall. Political correctness puts our brave military personnel at greater risk than necessary. It is shameful that we send in troops with less than 100% support, in favour of pooitical correctness and popularity.
Question Author
"Pooitical!" A Freudian slip, but so apt.
Thank you Theland - I am very proud of him. :0)
I'm rather disgusted by your idea Theland that British soldiers should shoot civillians who are in their way.

I don't think you'd feel that way if it was someone you knew that was a hostage in a bank raid that got shot by police?

Is it OK because they're foreigners or just because it's people you dont know?
Get a funkin' grip JTP! Look again.
I'm looking

Theland is complaining that British politicians policies are politically correct in troops approach to human shields situations.

What conclusion is one meant to draw.

Oh and perhaps you could avoid adressing people like a mindless F-in' squaddy! Get a grip yourself!

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British Troops In Afghanistan

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