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Your Eurovision viewing, none, part or all?

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flobadob | 12:31 Tue 10th May 2011 | Society & Culture
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Do you watch the Eurovision and if so, do you watch only some of it, like your own country or just the voting part, or do you watch the whole darn thing, or do you avoid everything to do with it? Growing up, we always used to watch the voting and I always found it exciting, particularly as Ireland used to always be in the running. The last couple of years I have found myself watching more of it for some reason and last year we even watched it on BBC3 as they were showing the words of the songs on screen. OMG, what have I become! Anyway how do you watch Eurovision?


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i did when i was a kid, but i can;t remember the last time i watched it, and won;t be this time

i did watch the uk entry thingy when jordan did it because that was ab hilarious
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Snags, don't look at me and point like that. It's my only vice.
As a family we used to watch the whole thing, but now the voting has become a farce don't bother with it.
I have just reported vibra for advertising...
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I liked last years winner and Lordi from a few years back, but this has to be my fav ever
fluff why have you started doing ; instead of '.............
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Go Ireland.
I'll be watching it all, always do every year with my score card at the ready.

I don't think Blue will win by the way. Maybe in the top 5 - maybe.

I'll end up watching it for shitz n gigs. Just wish Slovakia got through... fit!!
One of the highlights of my year, after a Marc Almond concert and Halloween! My favs have been Lordi, Scooch, Rybak and Dana International. Hubbie at work on Saturday night so I can sit through it all! Haven't watched any heats or reviews so I don't spoil it on the night. A long night probably!
It used to be worth watching just to see how many nations Terry Wogan could manage to upset with his caustic humour ;-)

As a lover of 'world music' I do quite enjoy learning what seems to be currently popular in other countries (even if most of it is rubbish!). I'll always decide which I think is the best song (which is never the UK entry) and then cross my fingers for it!
Do the British enjoy the masochistic pleasure of watching all the European cliques vote for each other, regardless?

What's the German for "La Grande Bretagne, nul points" ?

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Your Eurovision viewing, none, part or all?

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